Advertising Optimization

A leading manufacturer of packaged meat and frozen entrees wanted to optimize its upfront TV advertising purchases and ensure that each brand in the portfolio was reaching the highest propensity brand purchasers.

IRI helped the client gain a 6x return on investment from better TV planning.


The manufacturer didn't understand the purchase behaviour of the people viewing its TV advertisements since traditional measures only provide historically standard age-demographics on TV ad audiences.


As part of IRI’s TV planning solution, IRI evaluated the manufacturer’s current advertising spend across all key brands to understand the actual purchase behaviour of each of the shows that the client had purchased:

  • The TV planning solution identified the average purchase expectation for the manufacturer’s products for every television show on the air by leveraging IRI ProScores™, IRI’s custom purchase propensity scores available by UPC, brand, retailer and custom segmentation for each and every household in the US.
  • By combining household-level IRI ProScores with second-to-second TV audience viewing data through IRI's partnership with Rentrak – which includes 12M+ television viewing households in 200+ markets – the manufacturer was able to see the average expected annual purchase of its brands for every advertisement it purchased, as well as those it had not purchased.
  • Using IRI's TV Planning systems’ optimizer, the manufacturer calculated network, daypart, and series propensity scores to build scenarios for improving on the purchase propensities of current media allocations.

These optimizations significantly increased the effectiveness of the manufacturer's advertising by changing its media purchase to shows that had more high propensity brand purchasers.


Analysis revealed more than 50% of spend could be deployed more effectively. IRI provided specific recommendations of network and dayparts to improve efficiency:


By employing these optimizations, the manufacturer yielded a 6x return on its investment.

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