Targeted Shopper Activation

A leading global beverage manufacturer wanted to continue the momentum of strong sales performance of its energy drink brands by introducing additional promotional displays at a key retailer.


IRI’s targeting recommendations at store level, based on local household demand, led to $1 million in incremental revenue for the client.


To engage its strategy, the client indicated that it wanted to partner with a specific chain pharmacy retailer. However, the client could not identify the individual stores to target due to substantial differences in regional brand/taste preferences and limited space at certain locations.


In order to identify the highest opportunity stores, IRI integrated a variety of data assets including shopper behaviour, point-of-sale and spatial data sets.

First, IRI developed buyer profiles using National Consumer Panel data to create actionable segments. IRI worked with the manufacturer to analyse each brand’s internal sales report to determine which stores sold the highest quantities, normalising sales by store size.


Next, IRI used IRI ShopperSights™, an innovative shopper activation solution, to find high-opportunity stores that aligned with all of the brands’ buyer profiles. Leveraging panel and point-of-sale data, along with a number of sophisticated methodologies, IRI determined the products individual households are likely to purchase, where they are likely to shop, and how much of their wallet they are likely to spend at a given store. The ShopperSights product opportunity report pinpointed 2,500 locations larger than 8,000 square feet with a strong profile alignment for the brand.


Using these insights, IRI helped the client prepare a high-impact presentation focused on delivering mutually beneficial growth with their retail partner.


After presenting IRI’s results to the retailer, the client received approval to add 2,500 additional displays to the specific stores identified in the analysis. Due to IRI’s strategic approach and targeted recommendations, the client’s promotional program generated sales of over 100K units and a revenue lift of $1 million.

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