HFSS Restrictions
and Plan

How will the HFSS restrictions impact your business?

Do you have a plan to navigate the impact?

IRI solutions underpin the industry’s understanding of the impact and implications of HFSS.
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Impact Assessment

IRI estimates £1.7bn of sales are at risk per year across the market split across Supermarkets and Convenience retailers.
Retailers and Brands more reliant on HFSS product display and promotional sales are predicted to feel the greatest impact. How do HFSS restrictions affect your business?

WHAT? IRI’s HFSS Impact assessment calculates the impact on sales and volume risk from HFSS restrictions in Major Mults.

HOW? Our econometric model calculates incremental sales from display space and volume promotions in HFSS categories/products.

Contact us for an assessment of how your portfolio is impacted across the following metrics:

  • Brand Share
  • Manufacturer Share
  • Retailer Share
  • Absolute Volume/Value Impacts
  • Base and Incremental Sales
  • Forecasted Changes
  • Year on Year Changes

Plus - A new specific Convenience view that incorporates store size data (2,000 sq ft threshold) to remove the impact of display in those smaller stores.

Scenario Planning

The HFSS Space Race…The biggest change to in-store product location in decades. 26% of display space is estimated to become vacant due to the HFSS restrictions and in some categories, the change is more dramatic. But what should fill the space?
Do you know which of your brands are incremental? What is the new optimal store-wide display strategy?

WHAT? IRI’s Display Space Optimiser pinpoints which brands and categories generate the most incremental sales when on display. Our scenario planning tool links data recommendations with manual inputs to support in-store display space planning.

HOW? Our simple Display Space Optimiser provides recommendations on how to use display space to generate incremental sales.

  • Store: Category level view of display space incrementality, Display Space Optimiser gives recommendations on % display space by Category
  • Category: Brand level view of display space incrementality, giving recommendations on in-category % display space by Brand
  • Brand: Product level view of display space incrementality

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Assortment Optimisation

High selling HFSS products will be moving from display into the aisles. The competition for in-aisle space will be fiercer than ever before. You will need to justify shelf space and retailers will need to make larger than usual range changes, including adding new healthier products.

WHAT? IRI has developed a simple and easy to use predictive online tool for improving the speed and quality of ranging decisions by testing different scenarios or alternatively by using the assortment optimisation module.

HOW? The shopper’s purchase decision is influenced by the ‘attractiveness’ of each product attribute in comparison to others available. The ‘attractiveness’ is found by an advanced algorithm that calculates the incremental and transferable volume and therefore the value by using both modeling results and external control factors (i.e. weather etc.)

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Media Planning & Optimisation

70% of HFSS category media spend is on TV and paid-for digital. HFSS restrictions are targeting these media channels so it is crucial for brands to plan for new media strategies.
Do you know which media your brand can and cannot use post HFSS restrictions?
Do you know which media strategy will lead to the best sales uplift and return on investment for your brand?
Are you able to test new media strategies before full roll out?

IRI’s Marketing Mix Modelling uses predictive analysis to estimate media channel ROI. This analysis now also considers the upcoming HFSS restrictions and recommends a new optimal media strategy for you brand. Your new media strategy can then be trialed and refined prior to full roll out. Given the scale of the HFSS restrictions on these highly used media channels it has never been more important to plan for a new media strategy.

Get in touch to talk about IRI’s media solutions and how we can help you get ready for the upcoming HFSS restrictions.

Three key data sources, unique to IRI, are fundamental to creating the most accurate prediction of the HFSS impact in the market.

Nutritional Data

Nutritional Data

SKU Level
Collected from 3rd Party web scraper

Display Location Data & Promotion Data

Display Location Data & Promotion Data

Store x Week x SKU
Collected via in-store audit

EPOS Sales Data

EPOS Sales Data

Store x Week x SKU
Sourced direct from Retailers

HFSS Grocer presentation