Our Vision

Automated Insights

Recurring insights should be 100% automatically created and distributed: Automated Insights.
Technology should distribute and manage knowledge (e.g. librairies, chart review tools, report elimination, sophisticated search).

Automated creation of insights address business questions such as:

What is my category performance?
How am I priced compared to rest of market?
What new items should I have in my assortment?

The single underlying platform can integrate data sets, with IRI Unify serving up on a variety of interfaces (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.).

IRI latest solutions save time by automating insight generation and targeted recommendations while making access to these capabilities more inclusive.
This directly benefits businesses by increasing productivity and focusing efforts on the things that count.

  • Faster insights creating through automation. The focus is on defining business logic instead of data pulling.
  • More users can interact with insights in repeatable and democratised business flow.

Business impact

Pushing boundaries disruption

Leading-edge automated insights and decisioning solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning - increasing speed for delivering growth and consumer relevancy for CPG, retail and media companies on the world's leading B2B data and technology platform - IRI liquid data®.

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How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability with Automated Insights?


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