Summer Beauty

3 Key Beauty #TRENDS we saw this summer

By Kaajal Bhatti
Trend 1


Natural ingredients are becoming increasingly sought after, just as our coconut trend story pointed out, we are seeing more products from health trends crossing over into beauty products.


No longer is it important to only consider what we’re putting in our bodies, but there are growing concerns about the ingredients of what we’re putting on our bodies.


Mintel (2015) suggested that in the past, beauty supplements showed higher usage among people from higher socio-economic backgrounds, reflecting the high cost of products.


Nowadays, the rise of natural ingredients has helped this trend unfold in the mainstream. So what could be next? Keep an eye out for products using Baobab, Jojoba, Rooibos and Tumeric.

Trend 2


Although this also fits into ‘Natural Ingredients’ activated charcoal deserves its own section to be explored.


In the last year or so we have seen a massive increase in the number of products with activated charcoal claims as well as the different types of products it is being used in. From toothpaste and mouthwash to face masks and face washes, it is one of the latest wonder ingredients.


Activated charcoal is a new wonder ingredient because toxins stick to the activated charcoal, making it a good versatile candidate for a deep cleanser and detoxifier. As an experienced user, I expect popularity will continue to grow as you may need to see it to believe it with this one.

Trend 3


These mythical creatures have drummed up quite the summer stir this year as we saw festival goers experimenting with the infamous unicorn look.  

Festival revellers dazzled as we saw diamond glitter grow by +61% in value sales YoY growth this summer.

Sales of hair colourants grew by 1% but 6 out of 10 of the best-sellers in colourants were bright colours, including ‘fashion colours’, purples, reds and blondes.  

And all this glitter and colourful manes meant nothing if it wasn’t set on a flawless base as we also saw sales of face primers grow by 28.5%, eyebrow products grow by 22.6% and concealer grow by 11%.


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