3 reasons why we're living healthier in 2018

By Kaajal Bhatti

3 reasons why we're living healthier in 2018

Only 3 weeks in to 2018 and I've already noticed less of a focus on the typical 'New Year, New Me'. Instead, it seems as though we have become all-round healthier individuals and here's why:

1. Natural Eating

Since the protein-hype in 2010, we have gradually become more concerned about what we put into our bodies. We're now going the extra mile when it comes to changing our consumption habits and choosing healthier options. We are making conscious efforts to understand the nutritional information behind products thus demanding brands to be more transparent about ingredients. In the past year (w/e 13th Jan 2018), there were 3% more vegetables and 4% more fruit sold vs last year (Retail Advantage, 52 w/e 13th Jan 2018). In 2017, we saw a stronger presence of natural, free from and vegan foods and will most likely see it continue into 2018.

2. Face-Masks to Foods Unmasked

In 2017, the face-mask takeover resulted in +47% value vs 2016 (Infoscan 52w/e 30/12/2017). In conjunction with treating our skin with these amazing skincare products (coconut oil, charcoal bubble masks, coffee scrubs and more), 2018 could be a year where we 'eat for beauty'. If the trend continues, it is likely that we will see a boost in: omega-3 (flax-seeds, chia seeds and walnuts), collagen-boosters and antioxidant-rich vitamins A and E.

Spices could also enter the beauty market. Turmeric is already known to have great health benefits for our skin. IRI Retail Advantage shows that herbs, spices and salt was up +3% vs last year. Personalisation is becoming more important in the beauty market. DIY facemasks using natural ingredients can be used to nourish, cleanse and rehydrate skin. Natural ingredients are strong motivations for consumers to try new products and make their own home-made masks.

3. Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Sales for vitamins and supplements were up +0.8% vs 2016 (IRI Infoscan, 52 w/e 30/12/2017). Could we be moving away from reactive medicines and towards prevention medicine? Vitamins and minerals are a key player in the functioning of our immune systems as humans. Here are some vitamins that could take the limelight in 2018: vitamin C, zinc, collagen, vitamins D, A & E.


Cool fact: bone care vitamins are up +27% vs last year.

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