We deliver growth to CPG manufacturer and retail through our six key areas of expertise.

We can help you properly assess the global competitive landscape in 11 countries to accurately determine both growth opportunities and competitive threats.
Answers Global Market Questions:
Who are the key players around the globe and/or in a specific country?
What is the size of the market and who are the current leading players?
Who are possible candidates for acquisition or business partnership opportunities?

The future of CPG is about bringing a custom marketing strategy to each consumer on demand. Our Consumer and Shopper Intelligence solutions focus on deep shopper insights, segment planning, opportunity sizing, and activation strategies that empower companies to “win” the sale and the shopper.

Deciphering vast amounts of data to find new opportunities with manufacturer and retailer partners is the Holy Grail for any business. Whether you want to optimize your pricing, promotion or assortment, or be more productive with a particular manufacturer or retailer, we help you analyze and determine the best path.

Powerful and predictive analytics, including advanced simulation tools for scenario planning and optimization across all major business processes: assortment, promotion, pricing, shopper activation, measurement

Big Data. Cloud Computing. Integrated Data. Mobile. Our data management, cloud and advanced software solutions help you better leverage all your data for faster insights and action. Our Liquid DataTM platform, offering insights at the touch of a button, is the industry’s most advanced, most used and most imitated data engine. It is also one of the biggest reasons our clients leave our competitors to join us.

Growth is challenging to find in the consumer packaged goods industry. A rapidly changing purchase landscape, an increasingly fragmented media environment, and consumers’ evolving needs and expectations means more complexity and more competition for your brand/s. IRI is here to help you make sense of it all and find otherwise hidden opportunities for growth. We are proud to have been doing this for the world’s largest CPG manufacturers for almost four decades.

How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?


95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us.

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