Top Trends in Liquor

Major Wellbeing Themes Shaping the Retail Liquor Industry.

Top Trends in Liquor

2018 Top Trends in Liquor

Consumers’ shopping and eating patterns are changing, in fact wellbeing is a major theme impacting FMCG industry in Australia, and liquor is no exception.
IRI’s latest research explores five major wellbeing themes shaping both the Australian and global liquor markets and looks forward at the major growth drivers.
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Moderation & Abstention: Changing consumption behaviour in Australia

As abstention becomes a more prominent theme and frequency of consumption falls, IRI explores the ways in which the liquor industry is responding to the growing moderation mindset.

Trading-Up in Liquor: Premiumisation benefits from the growing ‘moderation mindset’

Consumers globally are opting for more expensive liquor brands, partly because they are dinking with a ‘moderation mindset’. IRI examines how premiumisation is supporting a “less-of-the-best” mentality among modern liquor shoppers and how that is leading to growth in higher value segments.

Alcohol-Free Alternatives: The growing propensity to cut down on alcohol

IRI examines how the growing propensity to cut down on alcohol intake, or cutting it out altogether, is the backdrop for more alcohol-free and very low ABV products that promise a drinking experience – and sense of occasion – ever closer to the “real thing.”

The rise of lower ABV liquor products

IRI expands on the way in which the notion of restraint is fuelling performance of aperitifs, as well as low and ultra-low drinks options

‘Better-For-You’ Attributes: Aligning to health aspirations

Consumers are embracing liquor products with better-for-you attributes, irrespective of ABV level. IRI explores how more credible options from a formulation and pack format perspective now exist that resolve the tension between being socially active and wanting permissible liquor choices that align with health aspirations.


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