Market Moves 2021: Food & Grocery

Market Moves 2021: Food & Grocery

Through the many uncertain periods of restrictions and freedoms, consumer needs shifted directly affecting behaviours which formed a new normal. Cutting through all of this, some themes have emerged in the past year which will endure in the “next normal” as we adapt to living with COVID.

In the latest Food & Grocery sector Market Moves webinar, we will explore the following themes:

  • The indicators in the macro environment that drive business and consumer outlook
  • Health Focused: the 3 health trends consumers have relied upon to improve their overall wellbeing
  • Convenience: the technological evolutions that offer consumers greater ease and flexibility
  • Home: innovative ways to elevate in-home consumption experience
  • Future: As e-Commerce continues to drive grocery industry growth, Social Commerce and Metaverse become the new frontiers

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