2021 Australian Market Update H1

After 16 months of international border closures and continuous social restrictions, Australia is a very different country to the one we started the decade with.

The way we live, the way we work and the way we socialise have been re-shaped by the pandemic. As we are entering the second year of the public health crisis, we are constantly seeking to make sense of macro events and understand the implications to the future of our industry.
This event will cover:
  • Optimistic Outlook: the consumer sentiments and other economic indicators in the 1st half of the year
  • The COVID Grocery Cliff: The industry is watching the COVID sales growth cliff with bated breath. We will explore retailer and department performance during this period.
  • The Four Growth Themes: Physical, Digital, Social and Holistic Health will play important roles in guiding the industry out of these uncertain times. Some of these themes are old and familiar while others are born out of COVID
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