IRI Shopper Panel now the largest in Australia

Sydney, Australia – 22 August 2019 – Paul Hinds, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, IRI®, a global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and media companies, today announced the IRI Shopper Panel has become the largest shopper panel in Australia.   

“The IRI Shopper Panel now consists of over 13,000 shoppers across the country making it the largest of its kind in Australia,” Hinds said today.

“There is no doubt our shopper panel provides the most extensive and detailed view into the behaviour and perceptions of shoppers across the country.

“Our panel includes everyday Australians throughout the nation, in cities and regional areas, including all types of demographics.  It reflects the diversity of modern Australia, is completely representative of the population, and captures their shopping activities across the broadest range of channels including supermarkets and other forms of traditional grocery retailing, convenience outlets, liquor stores, petrol stations, pharmacies, the growing world of online and home delivery.  

“It doesn’t matter where they are or what type of food and groceries they are buying, the IRI Shopper Panel is capturing the data and translating it into valuable insights.   We do this using our convenient IRI Shopper Panel ‘Scan n Go’ app that member shoppers download from Google Play or the App Store once registered with us.     

“Our panellists have been using the Scan and Go app since July 2015, the industry’s most advanced method of collection in Australia.

“The IRI Shopper Panel is unique in that most members use their phone to record their purchases, simply and easily scanning their groceries using the app as they unpack them at home.

“In addition to the shopping scans, our panel members also participate in surveys and other shopping feedback activities.   This enables us to understand what is happening in Australian households with their food and grocery shopping, and why it happens.”

The IRI Shopper Panel is considered one of the most trusted sources of independent food and grocery shopper behaviour data in the country.   Data is uploaded real time to IRI by panel members and while individual shoppers are not identified, their purchasing activities and  demographic and family make up information are.

“Our IRI Shopper Panel data tells us the most extraordinary level of detail about shopper behaviour.   We can drill into locations, seeing whether families in Western Sydney are continuing to buy the same brand of cereal each week, or if they are swapping to alternative brands which are cheaper or contain less fat,” Hinds added.

“We can explore specific ingredients or nutrient trends, seeing whether sales in products containing turmeric are increasing across the country, and if so, which ones are growing fastest, and why?

“We are able to interrogate the data to deliver the most extraordinary and in-depth insights across all categories, products, channels, locations and shoppers.   We can see how shoppers are choosing to spend, and track the performance at different retail outlets with optimum precision. 

“With this data we inform our retail and manufacturing clients and assist them to deliver products and tailor campaigns that meet the current and emerging needs of the market, as well as address gaps and opportunities.   Our unique relationship with Amazon demonstrates the depth and quality of our retailer read and capabilities in this area.”

The IRI Shopper Panel has also introduced additional features to target growing areas of shopper activity including fresh purchases.   The IRI Shopper Panel ‘Fresh Poultry’ initiative is enabling the capture of important feedback in relation to the growing fresh poultry segment in Australia.   With sales in fresh poultry increasing significantly over the last two years, IRI has identified the fresh category is growing due to penetration and spend.  Chicken shoppers are spending nine dollars more on this category than last year due to more frequent shop visits.  The purchase of RSPCA and Free Range chicken is also growing due to an increase in shoppers and more frequent shop visits.   

“While young families, middle families and older families are the most important demographics for this category, mature singles are the largest lifestyle group that purchases chicken,” Hinds explained.

“IRI research shows that 92 percent of households surveyed have bought fresh chicken in the last 12 months.  A huge 83.6 percent of these purchased RSPCA approved chicken.   This tells us that certification matters for shoppers and the RSPCA brand resonates with shoppers as a sign of ethical sourcing.

“This is the type of information the IRI Shopper Panel tells us.   It tells us who is buying what and why – their family status, size, ethnicity, and much more.

“Understanding shopper behaviour and activity across the country isn’t just about knowing what people are buying when in store, it is also about understanding what factors and issues are influencing buying behaviour before they walk into a store or shop online.   Having the data from both sides of the shopper model, instore scan data and IRI Shopper Panel data - is where the data conversion to insights magic happens.   This is where the real deep dive insights are created and this is the information that enables manufacturers and retailers to grow market share and stay profitable and successful.”

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