IRI C P G Economic Indicators for Europe: Cross Country Highlights – week commencing 6th July 2020

The IRI CPG Economic Indicators, IRI Demand Index™ and IRI Inflation Tracker™, are available for France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (UK). Spain and Greece will be coming soon. These proprietary metrics measure weekly changes in CPG retail, providing insights and highlighting key trends in the wake of COVID-19.
Highlights for the media will be available on a by-monthly basis from this week. Please access IRI’s indicators and COVID-19 insights and updates at IRI COVID-19 Info Portal.
Latest insights from the IRI Demand Index and IRI Inflation Tracker include:

  • Across the five European countries analysed, consumer demand continues to be high for total CPG in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany versus a year ago. Demand, however, has dropped in France and is stable in Italy, as an easing of COVID-19 rules sees people return to work and schools, lowering at-home consumption.
  • In all countries, demand for Edible is growing and outpacing non-Edible except in France where both are declining. Non-Edible is also declining in the Netherlands and Italy.
  • Price continues to increase in all these countries, except for Italy where it is stable. Edible records the highest price increase versus non-Edible.
  • In Germany, France and the Netherlands, Alcohol is the category with the highest price increase but this didn’t impact growing demand, except in Germany where it fell. Italy also saw strong growth, especially in wines, spirits and aperitifs. Good weather and long weekends/holidays (celebrating at home) triggered demand in these countries, as well as in the UK where Beers, Wines & Spirits and Frozen, Tobacco, Fresh Meat and Fish, Ice Cream and Carbonates were the top growing sub-categories in this market.
  • Non-Edible growth in the Household category was driven by Cleaning Products, notably in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

About IRI CPG Economics Indicators
IRI Demand Index monitors weekly changes in CPG purchases, by value sales, against the year-ago period across departments/aisles, categories and, in some countries, across retail formats and regions.
IRI Inflation Tracker tracks changes in the pricing of consumer-packaged goods, monitoring weekly shifts in consumer prices against the year-ago period across departments/aisles, categories and, in some countries, across retail formats and regions.
IRI’s CPG Economic Indicators also include the Top Product Growth Categories for all IRI countries in Europe, U.S. and Australia, which are updated on a weekly basis.
IRI Supply Index™ is available for Italy and soon for France.

Amanda Hassall
Eureka Communications

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