Bulla partners with IRI on data and market analysis

Family-owned Australian dairy company Bulla selects IRI to provide data and market analysis services and expertise to drive growth 

Sydney, Australia – 4 November 2020 – IRI®, a global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and media companies, has announced it is partnering with dairy industry leader Bulla, to provide data and analytics services to the iconic brand.

Alistair Leathwood, Chief Commercial Officer, Asia Pacific, for IRI, said: “IRI is proud to announce that we will be forming a special partnership with Bulla, the Australian dairy industry icon. IRI will be Bulla’s key data and analytics partner for all market measurements across the Australian grocery market.

Founded in 1910, Bulla is one of the oldest and largest family owned businesses in Australia. The brand’s famous dairy products are popular across the country having formed part of most Australians’ lives. Some of Bulla’s products include: ice cream, yogurts, cream, frozen yogurt and flavoured milk.

Chris Colson, Category Development Manager for Bulla, said: “The Australian FMCG market is more competitive than ever. After this year, we need a highly skilled partner we can trust to deliver and assist us to achieve growth in this disrupted environment.

“IRI stands out as the most reliable, responsive and innovative, and so we are delighted to be working with them again. We look forward to building our partnership with IRI, and we are sure that our own business, our retail customers and our end-user consumers will benefit from this partnership.”

Alistair Leathwood:  “Bulla has been around for over one hundred years and it’s easy to see why. They’re willing to move with the times and adapt to change. Bulla has a reputation for adopting new technologies and new techniques that allow them to stay ahead of the pack. Their partnership with IRI is just another example of this.”

Leathwood believes that IRI is well positioned to provide Bulla with the market insights and expertise  the brand is seeking to drive growth.  Like Bulla, IRI is a market leader in its field.

Alistair Leathwood:  “IRI is a world leading provider of market research and data analytics services.  We we pride ourselves on our deep analytical rigour and our embrace of innovative, cutting edge technologies. We are obsessive about knowing how shoppers think, behave and spend.

“It is this determination, drive and relentless focus on shopper behaviour that enables us to partner so successfully with brands and achieve great things together.”

Chris Colson:  “IRI’s technologies including IRI Liquid Data, which we will be using from 2021 onwards, will help us integrate the latest market insights into our decision making process with speed and efficiency.

“Our objective is to come out of COVID-19 smarter, more agile and more in tune with the changing preferences of Australian consumers. The market has obviously undergone a dramatic shift in 2020, so Bulla wants to shift with it.

“IRI will play a big part in guiding us through the end of the pandemic, and the post-COVID era as well. Their shopper panel, which is the largest in Australia, will be an enormous help to Bulla in figuring out where Australian shoppers are going in 2020 and beyond.”

According to Leathwood, IRI’s partnership with Bulla is even more evidence of the increasing relevance of market research and data analysis as essential business functions.

Alistair Leathwood: “In 2020, the importance of market research and insights has skyrocketed. It’s interesting to see the businesses that do and don’t embrace it. It’s fairly obvious to us at IRI that the businesses that understand the market are the businesses that know how to succeed.

“Bulla gets it. They realise that understanding customer trends is priority number one, two and three. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital that businesses keep a watchful eye on where the market is going.

“What most business tend to do during recessions is to cut back on market research. However, it’s well established that recessions are the most important time to understand your customer. Why? Because that’s when they are least predictable. If you want to go where consumers are going, you need to have a good grasp of the market. You need to know at a granular level what shoppers are thinking and where they are shopping.”

About IRI: IRI is a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help CPG, OTC health care organisations, retailers, financial services and media companies grow their businesses. www.iriworldwide.com

About IRI Liquid Data & Unify: IRI’s data cloud, visualization, applications and private cloud solutions manage all your data assets for faster insights and action. The IRI Liquid Data platform is the industry’s most advanced, most utilised and most imitated end-to-end consumer planning to activation solution. It comes with hundreds of integrated data sets for use in our public cloud solution and can be further enriched with client data in a tailored private cloud environment. It connects data, uncovers relevant patterns and applies the smartest prescriptive analytics to determine the specific action steps you should take for growth. For more information visit: www.iriworldwide.com/en-au/solutions/big-data-technology


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