Growth Drivers

A leading retailer needed to evaluate its organics marketing campaign to understand whether the source of its volume was first-time buyers or repeat buyers.


With insights from the IRI Collaboration Gateway for its organics marketing campaign, a leading retailer increased sales by $10 million in the category and achieved an increase in the buyer base of its organics line by 7.2 percent.


A leading retailer did not know if its organics marketing campaign was driving growth with first-time buyers or favoring repeat buyers.

The IRI Collaboration Gateway helped the retailer:

  • Learn that it increased the buyer base of its organics line by 7.2 percent through the campaign.
  • Understand the majority of the growth for the retailer’s organics line was driven by new buyers during the campaign period, representing 83 percent of the gains.
  • See that the trial increased the conversion rate by 5.7 percent, and the repeat rate was up significantly to 45.3 percent.


The retailer was able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and identify the consumer base that drove campaign growth. The insights from the campaign analysis were incorporated into the retailer’s marketing plans to drive further revenue growth through the expansion of its organic lines. The retailer is now incorporating this modeling process and scenario planning into its price/promotion decision-making process in collaboration with its supplier partners across multiple categories.

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