E-commerce Solutions Suite

A retailer gained comprehensive insights from a full market view of its online environment, driving incremental growth worth up to $30 million.


Understanding the huge growth potential in e-commerce, a top retailer had committed significant investment to drive online penetration and capture share from a primary competitor.

The scale of information needed to gain an accurate e-market view meant that the retailer required deep and actionable market measurement and shopper insights to gain the online penetration and share it was after. 


IRI’s e-market insights and digital path-to-purchase solutions became a go-to resource to track online sales across 150 categories and eight key online merchants. Category, brand and merchant-level granularity with three years of history allowed the client to establish a performance benchmark and track ongoing performance. 

With dollar sales and share metrics, the client was able to assess its competitive position down to the supplier and brand level, while online conversion success metrics allowed the client to gauge its ability to close sales when competitors were present in consumers’ path to purchase.  


By understanding its competitive strengths and weaknesses, the client was able to focus on the most relevant product sets to capture share while developing comprehensive strategies tailored to each category and supported by actionable metrics. Leveraging the insights derived from IRI’s e-commerce solutions suite, the retailer stands to gain one to two percent of online growth worth $15 million to $30 million in annual incremental revenue. 

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