A major European retailer was experiencing significant declines in sales and market share. It wanted to focus on assortment to increase loyalty and improve its competitive position.

IRI’s cloud-based assortment optimization solution enabled better and quicker decision-making, driving cost savings and improving the retailer's competitive position.


The client had a complex assortment with 150+ categories, multiple store types and disparate data sets, which made decision-making difficult and time consuming. 

IRI built a holistic, cloud-based assortment gateway platform designed specifically for the retailer, which included:
  • Fully integrated data sets: weekly transactions, point-of-sale, store cluster, loyalty and shopper segmentation
  • A powerful underlying layer of analytics, including simulation tools for scenario planning and optimization
  • Customizable user interface that toggles seamlessly across different data sources and tools, with different visualizations and dashboards for different user types and functions

The tool helped the retailer improve its competitive position and reverse declining sales and market share through:
   Quicker and more efficient assortment optimization across store types using integrated point-of-sale, store cluster and shopper segmentation data to drive revenue, profit and loyalty, and increase traffic
 Defining true consumer needs for assortment, as well as promotional and merchandising approaches, by linking shopper segments and purchasing behaviour to individual store assortments 
Leveraging insights from the tool to develop close relationships with suppliers to define the best category approaches 
The Result
In one case, the retailer wanted to streamline its shampoo category by reducing SKUs but maintain the same level of revenue and market share. The assortment gateway allowed them to: : 
  • Identify the product attributes that drove sales within the category
  • Analyse which SKUs were the highest performers with the greatest loyalty
  • Determine the optimal number of SKUs offered to maximize cost effectiveness
The retailer identified that it could reduce the number of SKUs by 10%, leading to cost savings with no drop in revenue or market share.

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