Price and promote products for success.
IRI's retailer-focused price and promotion solutions provide recommendations on optimal prices and promotions, and a more precise understanding of expected impact.
Optimize pricing and promotions to succeed in an omnichannel environment.
What will happen if you increase or decrease your product price? Our predictive modeling and analytics will tell you what to expect and whether it's the right move.
Integrated data, robust modeling and advanced visualization help build the right recommendations.
IRI's data sets, analytics expertise and technology platform provide new insights into current pricing and promotion performance, identifying specific areas that need to be addressed.
Use unsurpassed technology to understand the impact of pricing and promotion decisions.
IRI's technology platform, IRI Liquid Data®, offers companies unprecedented big data management and predictive analytics capabilities.

How we're different

IRI leverages a robust data ecosystem, intuitive visualization and practical-world algorithms, bringing these together for recommendations that drive results.
Our leading-edge technology and collaboration platform ensures that retailers and manufacturers are planning and executing off of the same information.
IRI focuses on the issues that matter to retailers, including what is resonating with shoppers, how to optimize everyday prices and how to plan effective promotions.



Retail Price and Promotion

A leading retailer and CPG manufacturer needed to understand if they could reallocate resources for an annual promotional plan for products in the chocolate category. Read More

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