Boost sales for stores and categories with a better understanding of in-store purchase drivers, including how to maximize shelf space.

Uncover new growth by maximizing in-store assortment and shelf productivity, including which products should be on which shelves.
Create more impactful assortment and shelving plans.
IRI helps retailers develop plans that maximize categories’ incrementality, minimize portfolio cannibalization, drive shelf productivity and support effective innovation launches.
Rigorous modeling leads to more relevant outcomes.
IRI combines rigorous modeling of the most granular data sources, which includes directly modeling the retailers’ data and using their business views, as well as a simple-to-use web-based simulation software to provide a complete solution. IRI also provides best-in-class support models to help turn insights into activation and wins.
Tailor assortments to key customer opportunities. Certain products have to fight harder to remain on shrinking shelf sets.
Having the right brands in the right pack sizes at the right prices at the store level is critical to success, and we show you how to get it right.

How we're different

With IRI's vast integrated data sets, retailers can gain deeper insights to drive improved consumer targeting, activation and measurement.
Our prescriptive recommendations link strategic guidelines to tactical implementation. IRI's intuitive web-based software provides a clear pathway to action and consistent activation.
The IRI Liquid Data® technology platform is built specifically to enable better and faster insights for retailers and their suppliers.



Retail Assortment

A leading retailer wanted to optimize its dairy shelf in the face of several challenging market conditions. Read More

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