Target the right audiences.
Before you can deliver a marketing message, you need to know who you are targeting. With IRI's Targeting solutions you can understand the media that key segments consume down to the individual network, series, daypart or website.
Target high-value audiences across channels based on actual purchase data – what consumers actually do – rather than demographics.
Our purchase data is used to identify high potential audiences in order to target TV and digital advertising more effectively.
Key client segmentations can be understood in the context of media behavior.
Which programs or digital assets does a key buyer segment watch/visit on a regular basis?
Discover detailed shopping and consumer behavior along with media behavior.
Granularity and integration of data allows advertisers and their agencies to take action.

How we're different

An easy button for media
Easy access through a single point of entry to key media metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) highlight the health of the entire brand portfolios relative to sales, in-store causal and consumer media.
Proprietary metrics
Concise summary of category-wide performance metrics needed for media and in-store promotional decisions not available anywhere else.
Leading on the leading edge
You'll see leading insights based on our best-in-class, technology partnership with comScore.
Best-in-breed partners
Our Targeting partners provide accurate media targeting - TV and digital.
Embedding comScore’s (formerly Rentrak’s) Exact Commercial Ratings into IRI’s Targeting solutions provides an integrated view of brand health KPIs.
"Proving ROI is the biggest challenge and opportunity for any FMCG digital marketer. Clarity and simplicity of IRI's methodology makes it easy to prove a compelling business case."


What our clients are saying...

What Clients Have to Say About IRI
At IRI’s 2015 Summit, several of our client partners discussed how IRI has helped them achieve growth in their businesses.
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