Adapt and tweak media (if necessary).
Media evolves and changes constantly. The website that worked for your ad last week might not be working so well this week. IRI's Optimization solutions, including IRI Lift™, help you determine what's still working and what could be improved.
Immediately adapt your media to new market changes and opportunities with multi-factor, real-time and purchase-based modeling.
Integrated media and sales data solutions provide quick access to understanding campaign performance and specific performance drivers that allow you to adapt media decisions to market changes.
Invest in the channels that can best achieve your campaign objectives.
Cross-channel media rebalancing allocates spend to the best-performing media channels, making campaigns more effective.
Understand which media publishers and networks drive the best campaign performance.
Not all media publishers and networks perform the same. Our advanced modeling and channel optimization analytics identify which drive the best performance to improve your ad investment strategies.

How we're different

New ways of media buying
Switch to different media channels and spend less, for example, with the right “long tail” vehicles such as video on demand.
Better reach, same budget
Granular insights uncover pockets of viewers in the most unexpected and inexpensive places.
Strength in numbers
Leading-edge partnerships with Experian and comScore offer dynamic media optimization and rebalancing insights never available before.
Best-in-breed partners
Our Optimization partners help us make our clients' ongoing programs more successful.
Experian provides us with an all-U.S. households data layer for media planners to target their own brand buyers, competitive brands, category shoppers and custom research segments.
comScore contributes commercial advertising ratings (previously offered by Rentrak), which rate how specific commercials perform across platforms, for our integrated optimization solution. comScore also provides digital impressions tracking and digital panel insights for our integrated optimization solution.
"Proving ROI is the biggest challenge and opportunity for any FMCG digital marketer. Clarity and simplicity of IRI's methodology makes it easy to prove a compelling business case."


What our clients are saying...

What Clients Have to Say About IRI
At IRI’s 2015 Summit, several of our client partners discussed how IRI has helped them achieve growth in their businesses.
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