Improve brand and shopper ROI with an on-demand marketing planning and measurement platform that simulates, diagnoses and optimizes spending for brands and portfolios.

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of best-in-class media metrics

Companies that use IRI Marketing Foresight (MMX) typically see up to a 4 percent improvement in sales and up to a 15 percent improvement in marketing ROI

As the shopper journey becomes more complex, consumers are regularly exposed to multiple touch points. Unfortunately, many analytic solutions don’t consider this fragmented media landscape. Instead, they are based on backward-looking analytical models that try to explain past performance, leading to missed opportunities for better marketing spend and execution decisions.

IRI Marketing Foresight™ (MMX) lets you continually measure and adjust your current and future marketing initiatives based on ongoing new insights. This “always-on” platform uses granular performance metrics from IRI’s Marketing Mix (MMX) modeling process to give you the latest simulations and optimization scenarios. It includes real-time interaction with analytical models, so that you can make better planning and spending decisions right now.

The solution is also leveraged via our Unified Marketing Measurement, which provides a unique closed-loop measurement approach to ensure that your portfolio, brand, campaign and audience performance metrics from both your longer-term and shorter-term measurement initiatives are integrated, providing you a single source of truth. 


Client Success Stories

Marketing Mix Analysis

A global health, hygiene and home products company needed to maximize sales and ROI for one of its key "challenger" brands. IRI developed a model to measure, optimize and forecast the impact of marketing and developed several strategies to optimize spend. The client achieved a 7 percent revenue improvement with the same spend. Learn More

Purchase Impact

A global food and household products manufacturer wanted to deploy its marketing more effectively to increase share. Using advanced analytics and client data, IRI quantified each marketing activity’s impact on purchase. The client achieved a 2-3 percent market share improvement, with 4-6 percent total improvement expected. Learn More

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