Use combined marketing mix and sales lift insights for a true view on strategic planning, forecasting, measurement and in-flight optimization to maximize marketing effectiveness.

Why IRI Unified Marketing Measurement?

Spend Optimization and Performance Tracking
leveraging marketing mix models

Cross-channel Synergy and Understanding
of granular sub-campaign elements

In-Flight Measurement and Optimization
of campaigns at the household level

With “always-on” marketing, precise performance metrics and insights are needed on demand for continuous improvements. While marketers successfully use marketing mix models to support strategic planning, forecasting, simulation, measurement and optimization, sales lift attribution at the most granular level, along with tactic-level optimization, has become equally important for more successful campaigns across a highly fragmented media and digital landscape.

Unified Marketing Measurement, IRI’s unified approach to marketing mix and sales lift, allows marketers to leverage mix models to execute real-time simulation and optimization while also enabling in-flight measurement to predict incremental sales lift of media down to the household level.

The integrated approach leverages IRI Marketing Foresight™(MMX), an always-on strategic cross-media platform with granular offline, promotional and non-marketing impacts from IRI’s marketing mix modeling process, as well as matched market testing (MMT) and IRI Lift™, the industry’s only on-demand online-to-offline media sales lift measurement solution. Each includes IRI ProScores™, purchase propensity models that forecast 12-month spend across brands and categories for every household in the U.S.

All of IRI's solutions are powered by the IRI Data Cloud, which has the largest repository of frequent shopper program (FSP)/loyalty card data in the U.S. with information from 350 million FSP cards, along with dozens of other integrated data sets. This allows marketers to link marketing mix to activation in ways no one else can. This is available on IRI Liquid Data®, our dynamic and interactive technology platform that powers both the data integration and deep analytical insights necessary for our unified approach to marketing measurement.

The unique combination of these capabilities on the Liquid Data platform ensures that marketers have a single access point and an integrated view of exactly what is impacting their performance and how they can improve results.



Client Success Stories


Merging Mix and Lift for Improved ROI

A leading food manufacturer wanted to improve its media execution and campaign results. Using IRI Unified Marketing Measurement, it was able to significantly improve TV, digital media and creative, and understand where to make strategic adjustments to the portfolio.

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