Media Solutions That Improve Your Sales and Drive Your Campaigns

IRI's end-to-end solutions ensure that advertisers and their agencies have the insights they need to plan better campaigns, target and activate the right audiences, and measure and optimize results.

Key Benefits of IRI Solutions

Improve return on advertising spend by up to 70 percent.

Faster campaign reads, within weeks of campaign start.

Numerous campaign diagnostics detect performance drivers.

Integrated measurement solutions provide a single unified view of performance.

Consumer insights and planning tools set the foundation for growth

Leverage precise and rich granular insights from millions of loyalty card holders purchasing billions of products per week.
Use the deepest and broadest media data available, including for TV, display, video, social and mobile.
Gain access to applications that plan and model down to the network, channel, show and time slot.

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Target and reach the audiences most likely to buy.

Target consumers based on their propensity to purchase your product.
Pinpoint your target audience at the individual household level.
Link to programmatic buying platforms and media buying agencies to seamlessly execute highly targeted campaigns.

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Measure and optimize campaigns quickly and accurately.

Identify trends early in a campaign, with in-market results available weeks after launch to optimize campaign while in flight.
Access granular measurement unavailable elsewhere, including sub-campaign elements such as publisher, creative and placement.
Use top-down marketing mix and bottom-up lift and matched market testing for an integrated approach to measurement.

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