Millennials are the first generation that has been switched on since birth. So while that means they are more sophisticated digitally, they are also more opinionated, too, something that marketers must keep in mind, according to research firm IRI.

Millennials are in the spotlight as a formidable snacking force, but boomers across the US are the bigger snack spenders, says IRI

Jane Altobelli, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at market research firm IRI, believes that corporate values and company strategy go hand-in-hand. She shares how coaching – and yoga – help her get IRI’s vision into action.

Here we get a glimpse inside the mind of IRI’s President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Appel as he shares some thoughts on the consumer revolution, IRI’s Growth Delivered strategy, what’s to come from now into 2016 and even how the “Boss” inspires the Boss.

A severe allergy season in parts of the country is pressing providers to get the right medicine to the right pharmacies at the right time

The big changes in snacks and candies are being pushed by millennials who like to experiment with flavor combinations such as coconut and bacon, honey, cream and coffee and wasabi, according to Larry Levin, executive vice president at IRI, a market research firm.

IRI enlists the advisory services of former P&G SVP of CMK Joan Lewis

After years of feeling hemmed in by the economy, Gen Y is finally feeling ready to spend, with IRI reporting their consumer confidence is at an all-time high.

Martin Wood, head of strategic insight – retail for IRI, said: “We've seen some reports suggesting that supermarkets were running out of eggs in the final week before Easter.

Consumers are spending more than $1.2 trillion on eating and drinking, and snacks are playing a growing role in their daily eating habits.

US — IRI president and CEO Andrew Appel (pictured) has joined the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)’s board of directors for a three-year term.

Large food and beverage companies are starting to fight back with mixed success against the smaller, more nimble companies that continue to steal market share, according to market analysts.

Consumer, shopper and retail market intelligence company IRI has announced the appointment of Tim Dummer as its new UK head of grocery and health & beauty.