Among other things, 2015 can be noted as being a year when location intelligence providers were in demand as partners for app developers, programmatic platform engines, agencies, and Big Data companies.

IRI's shopper sentiment index is signaliing a lukewarm Holiday shopping season

Know which consumer your brand will target, where the brand will be sold and whether price-discount promotions make sense, says IRI.

Snacking is a significant macro trend driving trends in the US market and demand for healthier products is on the rise.

CPG marketers rely heavily on promotions to drive growth, and in 2015, the reliance on merchandising activities escalated across nearly half of CPG categories.

With volumes flat or declining in many CPG categories, and dollar growth coming primarily from price increases, manufacturers are increasingly relying on promotions to drive engagement, but find they are becoming less and less effective, according to a new report from IRI.

The year was 2009, and CSP was publishing its fi rst story on the growth of snacking amid the trend toward around-the-clock consumption.

If having a lot of hurdles makes for an exciting industry, then consumer packaged goods is indeed fortunate.

Millennials are the first generation that has been switched on since birth. So while that means they are more sophisticated digitally, they are also more opinionated, too, something that marketers must keep in mind, according to research firm IRI.

Millennials are in the spotlight as a formidable snacking force, but boomers across the US are the bigger snack spenders, says IRI