Influencing consumer purchasing behavior is becoming more personal, said Andrew Appel, chief executive officer of Information Resources, Inc. (I.R.I.), the Chicago-based market research company.

Oglesby is responsible for leading a high-performance analytics, data development/delivery and client services organization in developing and using IRI’s tools to identify and address a broad spectrum of key marketing issues including new product launches, line extensions, trade spending, pricing, and retail execution within the Beer, Wine, Spirits and Tobacco industries.

IRI's CEO offers insight on using data to connect with consumers, and how to foster a corporate culture of innovation

Speakers addressing consumer trends at the International Sweetener Colloquium in Orlando on Feb. 13 said sugar avoidance was a macro trend “that is here to stay and will only increase,” adding that younger consumers also are avoiding artificial sweeteners but that “more natural” stevia has tremendous growth potential.

Good marketing is getting much harder and more imperative in today’s “noisy” world.

In the US, consumer data giant IRI has partnered with television data company Alphonso, to provide advanced measurement solutions to brands looking to understand the impact of their TV and digital advertising.

“An Appetite for Change” was the theme bestowed upon this year’s Food Marketing Institute Midwinter Executive Conference, but seeing how our industry is evolving, retailers and their trading partners had better stay hungry for a good long time.

Seeking lower prices and added convenience, more U.S. shoppers are going online to buy consumer packaged goods (CPG), according to market researcher IRI.

IRI CEO Andrew Appel Talks 1:1 Personalized Marketing with Insights Success Magazine; Named One of 30 Most Innovative CEOS to Watch

IRI CEO Andrew Appel speaks with Retail Leader on CPG’s most pressing issues, food retailing innovation and his formula for leading in uncertain times.

"Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.

In the US, people-based ad technology company Viant and consumer data giant IRI have partnered, to boost data and analytics offerings for shopper marketers.

Personalization can unlock new levels of growth and shopper loyalty when executed well. When executed poorly, it can impede growth and drive shoppers away, possibly forever.

“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.

Consumer packaged goods companies that successfully drive efficiencies can increase margins by 2 to 5 percent, according to a new IRI report.

Innovation and nostalgic consumers are the two main driving forces behind the continued growth seen in the novelty/seasonal candy segment over the past few years.