Harnessing the Power of Self-Care to Drive Sustainable Growth
5/4/2017 9:08:59 AM
Self-care consumer behaviors are growing and transcending multiple categories and industries.
How to Lead Growth in CPG
5/25/2016 1:31:20 PM
Every year, IRI and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) rank more than 400 U.S. CPG manufacturers on three critical growth metrics
The Cleanest Path to Growth for Home Care Brands
11/23/2015 11:50:25 AM
The home care products industry, which includes household cleaners, laundry care items and air fresheners, has been relatively stable, with about $24 billion in sales and 1.2 percent dollar growth in the past year. 
The Aerosol Opportunity
1/6/2015 3:40:47 PM
Every good marketer knows that packaging is one of the key ingredients of a successful product. It’s at the point of consideration, when a consumer is staring at two similar products in the store and trying to make a decision between them, that packaging can help make or break the sale.
How to Grow in a Flat Category: Household Cleaning Products
12/10/2014 3:48:26 PM
As the U.S. economic recovery continues, shopper behavior is mixed: some shoppers have continued their frugal ways while others have begun spending again. The $23.3 billion home cleaning business has faced several years of challenges as a result of consumers’ ongoing efforts to shop more efficiently, including a 0.9 percent decrease in sales over the past year. Though the category is flat, IRI’s National Consumer Panel data shows that 99.6 percent of households purchase home cleaning products. On average, a single buyer completes 28 shopper trips and spends $231 per year on cleaning products. Despite stagnant sales, the home cleaning products industry contains numerous significant pockets for growth, particularly within private label and branded innovation.
The Sweet Smell of Success: Why and How Americans Are Purchasing Air Care Products
7/1/2014 12:31:59 PM
Do you remember that sensation of walking into a childhood friend’s home and being greeted with a waft of a familiar scent that was somehow unique to that particular household? It’s as though every friend’s house had its own distinct smell with its own memories, and no matter how many years pass, each time you smell that familiar scent you are transported back in time. There’s no doubt, the sense of smell has a huge effect on the human experience.