Blog > September 2014
Global Reporting is a Must-Have for CPG Manufacturers
9/18/2014 12:10:15 PM
For any CPG manufacturer operating in three or more countries, global reporting should be a fundamental part of strategy development, execution and measurement. Whether managers use the resultant reports to ensure compliance with centrally generated marketing and sales plans or to support regional or global expansion initiatives, global reporting provides market information and analysis that will drive more profitable business decisions. Other benefits include improved benchmarking information, a better understanding of category dynamics and new opportunities, and the ability to establish new products faster and more successfully across regions and countries, facilitating an improved understanding of pricing patterns across countries.
CPGs: It’s Time to Prepare for the Digital Future
9/9/2014 12:12:39 PM
How can CPG companies best position themselves for digital and e-commerce success? During the next five years, companies need to plan for a “1-5-10” market, in which e-commerce’s current 1 percent penetration will likely expand to 5 percent by 2018 and could accelerate to as much as 10 percent in short order.