Blog > May 2014
Copy Testing: A Powerful Diagnostic to Inform Marketing Mix Results
5/30/2014 12:41:42 PM
Do you remember the Pepsi challenge? The Pepsi Challenge was a marketing promotion campaign started by Pepsi in 1975 that pitted Pepsi and Coke against each other. In a blinded taste test, consumers were asked to pick the cola that tasted the best. The real glory came when the loyal Coke drinker picked Pepsi. No one was more surprised than the loyal Coke drinker who would now change her ways and drink Pepsi forever more.
Shedding Light on Digital Campaigns In Progress
5/21/2014 12:43:12 PM
The click is dead. While it was an important measure in the earliest days of the commercial Web, it has become meaningless, if not a negatively correlated data point. During the past year we’ve had multiple opportunities to present on the subject of how online ads are moving sales in store. Core to these presentations is work we’ve done with several of our advertising technology partners using panel measures to course correct campaigns.
Marketing Smartly in Emerging Markets
5/19/2014 12:44:31 PM
In the last decade, emerging markets have become critical to global retail and consumer goods companies seeking low-cost sources of goods and high-growth sources of revenue. Companies around the world are drawn to the business opportunities these markets present, especially the billions of potential new customers with higher disposable income in India and China. Successfully harnessing these opportunities in emerging markets requires a deeper understanding of the consumer market.
Enhanced Testing III: In-store and Advertising and Marketing
5/16/2014 12:46:03 PM
The volatile economy has left many consumers in a lurch, and as such, the CPG landscape remains mired in uncertainty. To navigate these murky waters, CPG retailers and manufacturers need sound product testing methods to assess opportunities, determine appropriate expenditures, gauge shoppers’ behaviors and attitudes and mitigate risks.
Is TV Advertising Still Worthwhile?
5/15/2014 12:47:33 PM
Have you wondered whether TV advertising is still worthwhile in this world where households have so many options and so many distractions? As a consumer, I love my DVR, but as a researcher, it is another complication in an already fragmented and complex marketing environment. The key complication is it allows consumers to fast-forward through the commercials that advertisers are counting on them viewing. As DVRs continue to hold a key place in our TV viewing habits, this continues to be a concern for marketers. And while TV has morphed in other ways, with so many “on demand” options on every platform from gaming systems to cell phones, most consumers still watch the majority of their television viewing in the traditional format.