Blog > January 2015
The Consumer Quest for Affordable CPG Products
1/26/2015 3:32:25 PM
IRI just released its latest Times & Trends report on Private Label & National Brands and the results are enlightening for CPG manufacturers and retailers alike. Even with the recovering economy, four in ten people remain financially challenged and are still seeking value, including affordability, when they shop for products. However, what people consider affordable can vary considerably by channel, category, brand and even need state. Deciphering the changing definitions of affordable in different situations can be confusing for private labels and national brands trying to compete in this increasingly fragmented and diverse marketplace.
Measure the Sales Impact of Super Bowl Linked Social Media Campaigns
1/22/2015 3:39:14 PM
With the Super Bowl just over a week away, many of us are thinking about the television ads, which are expensive, fascinating, and usually remembered by audiences for years. Ad Age tracks Super Bowl ads well before the game and also notes that some companies have already released pre-game ads to create the buzz. And, some CPG marketers are choosing to broadcast consumer generated ads.
The Aerosol Opportunity
1/6/2015 3:40:47 PM
Every good marketer knows that packaging is one of the key ingredients of a successful product. It’s at the point of consideration, when a consumer is staring at two similar products in the store and trying to make a decision between them, that packaging can help make or break the sale.