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Introducing IRI China

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Custom Research and Big Data

IRI has acquired DataSea, Inc., a leading marketing research firm in China, merging 20 years of local expertise with IRI’s global capabilities, analytics and advanced data services to revolutionize the Chinese CPG and retail industries. Clients can access custom market research to improve understanding of consumer behavior, product trends and channel effectiveness in China.

IRI China’s services include consumer understanding, customer satisfaction/loyalty, branding, new product testing, advertising impact and distribution. Methodologies include quantitative, quantitative, observation and testing.

Clients can leverage the market research, data and analytics expertise of both the local and global IRI teams.

Retail Gateways

IRI China has also begun introducing Retail Gateways, a collaborative program with key Chinese retailers in fast-growing regions and channels that provide pricing, promotion, assortment and shopper analytics tools to manufacturers.

We have launched our first gateway program with the third-largest convenience store in China, Meiyijia, which operates over 7,000 stores in China’s south region. This revolutionary program provides participating clients with transaction-level data from each Meiyijia store. With this granular data, clients can leverage the power of basket analytics to make better business decisions and capture new growth. Click here to learn more.

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