Target the right audiences and understand media impact on sales lift.

Before beginning a campaign, it’s important to know the target audience and how impact will be measured. With IRI's targeting and sales lift solutions for retailers, understand how to reach the right audiences and what those audiences ultimately did based on the media they saw.
Target high-value audiences across channels based on their purchase propensity rather than demographics.
Purchase data is used to identify high-potential audiences in order to plan TV and digital advertising campaigns.
Measure the impact of all your media.
IRI’s measurement solution, IRI Lift™, applies both sales lift and consumer/shopper insights lenses to enable more accurate, faster, granular and insightful measurements across two paths — national and geo-targeted media campaigns.
Discover detailed shopping and consumer behavior along with media behavior.
Granularity and integration of data allow advertisers and their agencies to take action.

How we're different

We have comprehensive retail channel data coverage (unlike other measurement solutions), so campaign results are more accurate and not skewed due to small data size.
Key factors, such as the influence of in-store promotions, are easily controlled with large and highly granular data.
We offer easy access to key media metrics and key performance indicators that highlight the health of entire brand portfolios relative to sales, in-store causal and consumer media.
How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?

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