Purchase-based targeting maximizes both precision and reach.

With hundreds of data providers and thousands of different audiences in the marketplace, media planners and buyers have the difficult task of determining which combination of targets will deliver the best reach and return within budget. However, the emergence of purchase-based audiences means marketers can now target consumers based on actual in-store shopping behavior, which is proven to deliver higher sales lift and return.

IRI Audiences uses the largest repository of multichannel retailer data in the industry, including anonymized data from 500+ million shopper loyalty cards, from leading CPG retailers to help marketers to improve targeting and activation. IRI offers a number of audience solutions, ranging from 100% deterministic (IRI Verified Audiences) to propensity to purchase (IRI ProScores® Audiences), as well as the combination of both (IRI Complete Audiences). Campaigns that use purchase behavior to determine their audiences achieve stronger sales lift (3-4x) and higher return on advertising spend (+20 percent).

IRI Audiences can be requested via a full-service audience desk or created self-service using IRI Audience Builder. Once created, IRI Audiences can be activated against all addressable, direct-to-consumer touch points including online, social, mobile, email, direct mail and TV.

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IRI Audiences are a collection of purchase-based targeting and activation solutions that enable marketers to reach households that purchase products and households that are likely to purchase.  



Quickly size and create
audiences in minutes and hours, not days and weeks

Accurately reach
qualified prospects for less wasted impressions

Target scaled audiences
based on specific and complex behaviors, leveraging IRI’s total U.S. reach

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