From Attribution to Action: Lessons Learned in the Journey to Personalization

As the media and digital advertising landscape has grown and become more complex, advertisers' need for digital spend optimization has become more critical. However, the road to success is complex and must be traveled with a clear agenda and a test-and-learn approach. In this webinar, IRI's Bhanu Bhardwaj discussing lessons learned from attribution and how to take action after analyzing results. She also shares a client case study about the journey toward digital optimization and the critical factors that enabled the brand's success.

Learn how to turn attributions into actions to strengthen your marketing strategies and executions via:

  • The three main building blocks for any attribution measurement
  • The four key principles advertisers need to ensure campaign success
  • How taking advantage of in-flight attribution can drive big results with even a single change having a significant impact


Bhanu Bhardwaj, SVP, Digital and Media Solutions, IRI Media Center of Excellence


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