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Sun Products wanted to analyze the impact of multiple campaigns across brands to identify learnings that could be leveraged to improve future campaigns.


Sun Products used IRI Lift™ to measure the ALL and Powercore brands across digital and television. Results from digital identified top-performing publishers early in the campaign and ideal campaign length to optimize ROAS. IRI identified that TV was 2X as valuable as digital on an ROAS basis and that the DVD promotion was the most profitable.


Sun Products needed a tool that could identify trends at a granular level – by publisher, by week and across brands -- to fully understand campaign performance and to determine how to optimize future campaigns.


Sun Products partnered with IRI on a joint learning campaign across six campaigns spanning digital and TV and two brands (ALL and Powercore). IRI Lift analyzed campaign performance to uncover key insights to improve future campaigns.

Across the digital campaigns, IRI Lift results identified that sales lift and ROAS peaked after 14 weeks.  

IRI Lift’s weekly reads showed that digital publisher performance was established early and did not deviate from initial results.

Comparing channels, IRI identified TV outperformed digital by 2x.

Across Sun’s TV campaigns, IRI Lift identified that the DVD promotion had 7x – 21x higher return than other TV campaigns.


With IRI Lift, Sun was able to glean robust and clear insights that can be applied to future campaigns to drive ROAS, including:

- Shorter campaign lengths seem to be optimal for sales lift and ROAS; longer campaigns see a drop off well before campaign end date.

- By ending their between week 10 – 16, Sun could have saved thousands of dollars and 8+ weeks of media planning.

- Early reads on publisher performance are highly accurate, and early reads should be used to move impressions to top performing publishers.

- The DVD promotion vastly outperformed other types of TV campaigns. Shifting more spend to this promotion type could have greatly increased ROAS.

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