Use Data and Empathy to Personalize Shopping Experiences

When was the last time you had a positive grocery shopping experience that really stood out to you? What made it stand out?

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Marketers: Avoid These Four Pitfalls in Personalization

Media targeting strategies often fall short, whether it’s with lower sales, irritated consumers and/or wasted advertising dollars. Find out the main pitfalls to avoid when targeting your campaigns.

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Consumer Marketing Mix for Growth in a Mature CPG Category

Find out what you need to do for more efficient marketing investments and better marketing outcomes.

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From Screen to Store: How to Make Online Advertising Drive More In-Store Sales

Want to get more shoppers to convert to purchase after seeing your digital ads? MaxPoint offers advice you can apply today to boost your digital ad effectiveness, gleaned from our experience with hundreds of CPG shopper marketing campaigns.

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The Rise of Millennials – and What Marketers Should Do

When was the last time you had the opportunity to look through the lens of a kaleidoscope? 

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The Television of Tomorrow and the CPG Marketer

With the advent of mobile devices, digital video recorders and online TV streaming services like Netflix, television and how it is watched has drastically evolved since the days when families gathered together around the TV to share the same entertainment and experience.

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Boomers: Key Shoppers in the Refrigerated and Frozen Aisles

Everyone in CPG is talking about millennials/Generation Y and even Generation Z, and how to prepare for these digitally-savvy and diverse up-and-coming shoppers as their spending power increases. While it’s vital to have a solid strategy for reaching these younger U.S. c...

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Five Ways Retailers Can Activate Their Customers and Categories

Let’s face it – competition in the retail space continues to get more fierce. Whether it is a battle over pricing and promotion, online versus offline strategies, or the increasingly complicated shopper journey, major retailers wrestle every day with how to stay a ...

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How to Excite High-Value Health and Beauty Shoppers

The vast majority of shoppers make lists before they go shopping to maximize their time and make sure they get what they truly need. Even more compelling is that a quarter of shoppers actually make the extra effort to include specific brands on their lists. Improving shopper t...

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Make Your TV Media Buying More Efficient

Whether advertising budgets are large or small, all CPG marketers (and their agencies) want to be more efficient, improve targeting and maximize reach to the people they want to influence. Digital advertising, with its many targeting techniques, has made it easier for marketer...

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Leveraging POS Data and Location-Based Targeting for Mobile Advertising Success

Mobile is not only becoming a prevalent mechanism for media consumption; it is also disrupting the advertising industry. Traditionally, mobile data was subject to cookie tracking, which has long dominated the digital media measurement/targeting ecosystem. Yet, cookie tracking ...

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How Can I Improve My Targeted Marketing?

As we’ve noted in this space before, polling done in a recent webinar with more than 100 industry executives has been very revealing about their view of their business, current focus and action to address the impact of high value shoppers on their brands or banners. Howe...

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How Do You Target High Value Shoppers?

We’ve been talking about the priorities and focus of CPG and retail industry executives using polling answers collected in a recent webinar. The answers to our questions illustrate the disconnect between the current market landscape and the focus of industry executives. ...

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