Meet the Shifting Needs of Baby Boomers

Tips on engaging boomers and their younger counterparts, as well as what’s on consumers’ minds across all generations.

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Use Data and Empathy to Personalize Shopping Experiences

When was the last time you had a positive grocery shopping experience that really stood out to you? What made it stand out?

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Customizing Products and Experiences to the New CPG Consumer

When was the last time you picked up takeout from a favorite restaurant and ate it at home? How often have you picked up a side dish or salad from a grocery store for the sake of convenience?

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Marketers: Avoid These Four Pitfalls in Personalization

Media targeting strategies often fall short, whether it’s with lower sales, irritated consumers and/or wasted advertising dollars. Find out the main pitfalls to avoid when targeting your campaigns.

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Seven Steps to a Winning Personalization Strategy

With all the messages coming at consumers each day, it’s not surprising that they pay more attention to messages personalized to their specific needs.

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Leveraging Better-for-You Meat Transparency Claims

Transparency is a growing trend in the meat industry. People want to know what goes into the food they eat, where it’s from, and how it’s made. As this holistic health trend grows among consumers, antibiotic free (ABF) and organic meat claims are impacting total ov...

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Get More From Your TV Ads With Personalized Targeting

I was watching Hulu the other night and a Spanish-language advertisement came on. For the record, I am not a Spanish speaker (I speak English and Hindi). I was a little confused at first and inadvertently started to change the channel, forgetting that I was watching TV on-dema...

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Prevention, Personalization and Pizzazz Characterize New Product Pacesetters

Healthier-for-you products, niche products positioned to meet needs of discrete shopper segments and products that excite consumers with new flavors and scents represent three of the critical paths to CPG growth as identified in IRI’s 2016 New Product Pacesetters™ ...

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Harnessing the Power of Self-Care to Drive Sustainable Growth

Self-care consumer behaviors are growing and transcending multiple categories and industries.

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Integrated Mobile and Location Data Offers a Big Payoff for Marketers

Learn more about location data, how it can be linked to disparate data sources to create a unified view of a consumer, and what marketers should consider when they want to combine CPG-related data with location data. 

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Back-To-School 2016: How Shopper Marketers are Shifting to Active Intent Strategies

What are shopper marketers doing to make sure their message is getting to every back-to-school shopper at the exact moment they’re ready to make a purchase? 

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Winning the Consumer Personalization Revolution

Studies show that people want personalized experiences that are relevant and timely. It gives them a sense of control and reduces their perception of information overload.

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Why TV Advertising Still Matters

Over the past few years, many marketers have declared the end of television advertising. 

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Addressable Television Advertising: Don’t forget about CPG

When I talk to people about the future of television, I always use digital as an example. When you surf the web, you see different ads than someone else who is visiting the same website. TV is based on a completely different advertising model, with all viewers seeing the same ...

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