Collaboration Paves the Path to Private Brand Growth

There are specific strategies that both private brands and manufacturer brands can focus on to meet shoppers’ needs, build loyalty and drive performance.

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Battle of the Brands…or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As retailers and manufacturers struggle to understand the purchase dynamics of each category, consumers are roaming the aisles to find products that satisfy their individual needs.

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The Future of Successful CPG Innovation is Behavior-Based

Read about key ways to make your innovation more effective.

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Get the Complete Picture Through Cross-Channel Measurement

It’s all about figuring out how to get to that sweet spot between the most impactful channels and the most desired results.

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IRI and Turner Find ROI Growth Potential for CPG Brands in a More Balanced Approach Between Promotion and Media Advertising

IRI and global media company Turner partnered on a study to distil insights and establish consistent principles from marketing mix studies across 62 brands representing $20 billion in sales and $3 billion in marketing spend across food, beverages, health care, beauty and home ...

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What Your Ads Need for Better Performance

Companies continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on poorly-targeted and poorly-measured ads.

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What CPG Shoppers are Focused on Right Now

While CPG shoppers still love to get a good deal, it’s not all about the price.

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How to Win in Online Grocery

When was the last time you or someone you know bought milk online? What about diapers? While milk may not (yet) be a popular e-commerce item, we know that diapers and some other shelf stable CPG products are steadily growing sales online.

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Global Reporting is a Must-Have for CPG Manufacturers

For any CPG manufacturer operating in three or more countries, global reporting should be a fundamental part of strategy development, execution and measurement. Whether managers use the resultant reports to ensure compliance with centrally generated marketing and sales plans o...

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Native Advertising Boosts CPG Brand Performance

Creating advertising that resembles news and other editorial content is not new. The concept has been around for years in the form of advertorials and “special advertising sections” laid out to look like regular content. What’s newer is applying the concept i...

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Marketing Smartly in Emerging Markets

In the last decade, emerging markets have become critical to global retail and consumer goods companies seeking low-cost sources of goods and high-growth sources of revenue. Companies around the world are drawn to the business opportunities these markets present, especially th...

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Is TV Advertising Still Worthwhile?

Have you wondered whether TV advertising is still worthwhile in this world where households have so many options and so many distractions? As a consumer, I love my DVR, but as a researcher, it is another complication in an already fragmented and complex marketing environment. ...

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