Blog > June 2016
Collaborative Planning for CPG Shopper Activation
6/29/2016 10:34:47 AM
Closer collaboration between retailers and manufacturers increases the success of both. 
Winning the Consumer Personalization Revolution
6/28/2016 4:03:43 PM
Studies show that people want personalized experiences that are relevant and timely. It gives them a sense of control and reduces their perception of information overload.
Why TV Advertising Still Matters
6/15/2016 9:05:30 AM
Over the past few years, many marketers have declared the end of television advertising. 
The Rise of Food Transparency
6/8/2016 11:33:49 AM
Food transparency is a growing trend: consumers want to know where food comes from.
The Case for Measuring GMO and Other CPG Social Media Conversations
6/1/2016 10:23:17 AM
Track consumer sentiment online for major trends and then link it to sales impact to better understand CPG shoppers.