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Align Innovation to Consumer Value through Price Pack Architecture

Sven Pirkl, Director of Analytics, North America Nutrition Group, PepsiCo
Laura Saeva, Strategy and Business Development Manager, North America Nutrition Group, PepsiCo
Ray Florio, Partner, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI

When a brand’s growth plateaus and it needs to move beyond existing shoppers and demand occasions, it is time to consider new pack options, features and price points. However, when doing so, brands must balance their existing strengths with growth opportunities and the value proposition to new shoppers. Adding pricing into the mix also means accounting for the revenue and profit impact from any potential cannibalization of existing and competitive products. Hear how PepsiCo’s KeVita and Naked Juice brands combined a strategic evaluation of market strengths and opportunities with quantitative primary research techniques to uncover several million dollars in growth opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Powering a New Generation of Insights and Activation for CPG and Retail

Krishnakumar (KK) Davey, President, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Nagi Jonnalagadda, Principal, Strategic Analytics, IRI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to dominate news headlines, and there is little doubt that these technologies can (and in some cases already do) improve marketers’ results. In these zero-based budgeting times, there are several ways that marketers can actively and efficiently harness them for disruptive improvements in their business such as with trend spotting, demand forecasting, pricing and trade promotion, and assortment planning. Hear about the latest developments in AI and ML for marketers, how companies are successfully tapping into these opportunities and what you can do to succeed in an increasingly AI- and ML-enabled world.


Powering Next-Generation Marketing Mix With Shopper Loyalty Data

Christine Dahm, Vice President of Marketing, Noosa Yoghurt
Samantha Stockman, Associate Director, The Media Kitchen
Leabe Commisso, Principal, Global Analytics and Consulting, IRI

Knowing exactly which consumers to target, where to reach them and with which types of messages is getting much more challenging in our constantly-evolving media and purchase environment. Noosa wanted to further expand its national distribution and needed to understand which consumers it was reaching and those shoppers’ behaviors in order determine its target markets. Learn how Noosa used shopper marketing mix with frequent shopper data to better target their media and messages to new, lost and retained buyers across all media types to better target their strategies and messages to the right shoppers.


Retailers and Manufacturers BOTH Win at Shelf with the Right Assortment

Ellen Tell, Category Development Leader, Starbucks
Steven Kim, Executive Vice President, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Phillip Cottrell, Principal, Strategic Analytics, IRI

For both manufacturers and retailers, it’s an ongoing and everyday challenge to try to understand the true cannibalization impact from introducing new products and determining which items are the least risky to delist from the shelf. This is especially true for brands in mature categories that require SKU rationalization. Learn how Starbucks uses assortment optimization to make smarter shelf decisions, establish category captainship at key retailers and help those retailers better manage shelf space.


Staying Ahead: Manage Enterprise Growth through Portfolio Forecasting

Jim Splinter, Group Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Hormel
Jamil Satchu, Partner and Practice Leader, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Nagi Jonnalagadda, Principal, Strategic Analytics, IRI

The adage “Past performance is no guarantee of future results” is becoming more and more relevant in the dynamic CPG world. Incremental innovation and effective in-store execution are no longer sufficient, as growth is often influenced by a host of other factors: blurring consumption across categories, channel fragmentation and explosive growth in e-commerce and, for certain categories, socio economic and macro factors. Understanding the true drivers of performance across a company’s portfolio of brands and ensuring broad organizational buy-in is critical to enable effective portfolio management across brands at different lifecycle stages. Learn how Hormel has created an enterprise vision to accelerate growth, allocate resources and minimize risk to its business.

Together is Better – Driving More Value From Your Analytics

Shyam Venugopal, Vice President, Analytics and Category Management, Frito-Lay North America
Lance Goodridge, Executive, Global Analytics and Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI

As with many organizations, Frito-Lay uses various analytic solutions to help drive value and growth across the organization. However, when viewed separately, they can appear disparate and unique to just one area or business. During this session, hear how Frito-Lay has been able to realize improved scale and speed to insights by linking solutions across disciplines and different parts of the organization as a whole. The session will share details on how Frito-Lay has brought together seemingly isolated analytic solutions for in-store effectiveness, sales execution, consumer targeting and innovation for a more comprehensive and valuable approach to analytics across PepsiCo.


Defining Sustainable Pockets of Growth through Acquisition Due Diligence

Ryan Fagan, Vice President, Gryphon Partners
Adam Filkin, Managing Director, William Blair
Jamil Satchu, Partner and Practice Leader, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Volumes and dollar growth continued to be challenged across CPG, as the market – and how to access it – shifts due to changes in demographics, lifestyle and consumer value systems. The portfolios of large CPGs are not always aligned with these shifts, and CPGs have begun focusing on acquisitions as one important path to growth. At the same time, private equity firms have been evaluating CPGs to meet their own financial goals, and the race between PE firms and CPGs to identify and access high-performing brands is accelerating. During this panel discussion, learn about the key demand elements in this new acquisition environment and what is required to get the diligence right.


Consumer and Shopper TrackCONSUMER AND SHOPPER TRACK


Brands: Win the Battle for Shelf Space Alongside Private Label

Arun Rajan, Senior Global Director, Consumer and Customer Insights, John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
Paul Lainis, Executive Vice President, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

In an environment where retailers are often prioritizing space for private label products, brand manufacturers are challenged with defending and growing their shelf space. This was the issue John B. Sanfilippo and Sons (JBSS) faced when one of its items was delisted at a major retailer in favor of the private label. During this session, learn how JBSS leveraged shopper data and analytics to prove to the retailer that it was losing category buyers and dollars to competitors as a result of delisting the item. Then hear how JBSS was able to convince the retailer to relist the item and how it helped the retailer develop a more optimal balance of branded and private label items on the shelf to grow the category and sales, creating a win/win outcome for both.


From Mind Share to Market Share: How to Get More Value from Your Brand Equity Tracking

Jill Boyce, Vice President, Consumer and Market Insights, The J.M. Smucker Company
Carl Edstrom, Senior Vice President and Principal, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Lynne Gillis, Principal, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

Traditional brand equity models are becoming less and less actionable, as the way that brands create, sustain and grow their equity among consumers has shifted dramatically over the past decade. Category lines are blurring, personalization is replacing mass marketing, e-commerce has created a new retail frontier, and millennials and the emerging Generation Z operate in a brand environment with seemingly limitless options. This new era of equity creation calls for a new measurement perspective and new tools to identify specifically who to target, what the marketing objectives and strategy should encompass, and how to best activate against those objectives. This session will share learnings from The J.M. Smucker Company about a new approach they’ve embarked upon to measure brand equity that integrates actual observed behavior, consumer choice and brand presence/familiarity to identify specific equity targets, which they’re then able to observe, diagnose and specifically activate against.


Generation Z: Shoppers of Today and Tomorrow

George Carey, Founder and CEO, The Family Room LLC
Lynne Gillis, Principal, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

Generation Z, with a population size equal to that of millennials, is set to become one of the most important generations of shoppers. But they are different from their older cousins in some important ways. They are the first generation of the “minority-majority,” and they have never known life without the web and mobile devices. They are also extremely discerning, and their impact on CPG and retail will be felt for decades. Come meet the next generation of shoppers during this in-depth view of this burgeoning segment. You will learn what matters to them and gain new ideas to fuel growth opportunities for your business.


Harnessing IoT, Private Cloud and Consumer Consumption Data to Drive Value

Cathy James, Consumer Insights Manager, Keurig Green Mountain
Sarah Sperling, Product Manager, Keurig Green Mountain
Sam Katsuras, Senior Customer Success Manager, Vision Critical
Tim Carroll, Principal, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Jay Kirkus, Consultant, Client Insights, IRI

The future of consumer insights will increasingly need to integrate data from IoT (the Internet of things) devices and other cutting-edge research methods and sources with client-owned panels that bring together real-time behavior and attitudinal data. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig), a leader in specialty coffee and innovative single-serve brewing systems, will share how they approached IoT to build, in partnership with IRI, the first CPG, in-home, single-serve beverage point-of-consumption data source. Session attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about this highly unique data set, alongside other integrated data sources, that are helping Keurig harness the power of IoT and drive growth through innovation, product formulation, targeted marketing, and a deeper understanding of the consumer and their consumption.

New Product Pacesetters: Catalyzing Growth in a Listless Marketplace

Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Susan Viamari, Vice President, Thought Leadership, IRI

What is innovation excellence? Is it truly disruptive? How is it achieved? To get answers to these critical questions, IRI explored thousands of new consumer packaged goods launches, identified the highest-performing brands and dove deep into the elements that ignited innovation success. Join us as we present cutting-edge insights that will arm you with ideas and insights that will help you match existing and new innovation competencies to rapidly evolving market opportunities.



Fat Is Back and Other Key Trends in Dairy

Kikke Riedel, Vice President Strategy, Research and Insights, MilkPEP
Madlyn Daley, Senior Vice President, Strategic Insights, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI)
Jen Walsh, Director, Market Research, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB)
John Crawford, Vice President, Client Insights – Dairy, IRI

Consumers once considered dairy products natural and healthy – that is, until full-fat products were branded as the enemy in the 1980s. But the recent focus on more nutrient-dense calories and natural foods is offering dairy the opportunity for a comeback across all categories. During this panel discussion, learn more about this and other key trends set to impact the dairy industry during the next one to three years, including plant-based alternatives and caloric content alternatives, as well as how to better leverage category switching and shopper loyalty during key times of the year. 

How Winners Achieve Breakout Growth in CPG Today

Mike Van Houten, Vice President, Category and Shopper Solutions, Starbucks
Hiede Tierney, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence, Constellation Brands
Krishnakumar (KK) Davey, President, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Cara Loeys, Principal, Growth Consulting, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Every year, IRI and the Boston Consulting Group assess and rank more than 400 U.S. CPG companies on their growth. This session will reveal the companies that achieved standout growth in 2017, as well as the notable consumer trends they tapped into and the other core drivers of their success. Attendees will draw practical inspiration directly from a panel of winners on how to reimagine their businesses and consumers to excel in today’s unprecedented retail environment.

New Lessons in E-Commerce for Brands

Danny Silverman, Chief Marketing Officer, Clavis Insights
Sam Gagliardi, Senior Vice President, E-commerce, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

All categories have unique challenges when it comes to e-commerce, but there’s one issue they all share: Being a category leader in store does not typically translate to winning online. In fact, the typical share deficit between in-store and online sales is 20 points. During this panel discussion, hear how some CPG CMOs are adjusting their marketing plans in order to navigate and overcome the challenges most brands face when they attempt to successfully compete online.


Rewire and Refocus to Win in Omnichannel

Danny Silverman, Chief Marketing Officer, Clavis Insights
Sam Gagliardi, Senior Vice President, E-commerce, Consumer & Shopper Marketing, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

E-commerce is undoubtedly the fastest-growing channel in CPG, and CPG online sales are expected to double in the next two to three years. However, this growth is during a time when other channels are struggling to maintain ground, and the vast majority of U.S. consumers still have not purchased grocery products online. During this session, learn about the huge opportunities and risks for brands online, how brick-and-mortar category leaders can expand their offline success into digital, and the ways in which brands and retailers must rethink their marketing strategies to successfully compete in this growing and complex channel.



Breaking the Mold: Enable Out-of-Home and Social Campaign Sales Lift Measurement

Brad Tribucher, Executive Director, Shareablee
Drew Breunig, Senior Vice President, PlaceIQ
JP Beauchamp, Senior Vice President, Digital Media Solutions, Media Center of Excellence, IRI

The abundance and integration of data makes it possible to measure sales performance tied directly to media exposures and across media platforms in a way that is unbiased and accurate. Seamlessly quantifying the impact of a variety of media types including digital display, video, mobile, social, linear TV, addressable TV, Out of Home and social that are part of a single campaign is of upmost importance to marketers. The right approach to cross-channel measurement can provide a quick and accurate understanding of the impact of a single channel in isolation and the interaction and success of multiple channels of media, allowing CPGs to hold media accountable for results, enable optimization in real time and allow evaluation for future campaigns. Join us for a lively discussion on how innovative data aggregation and integration is pushing past the boundaries of TV and digital, into OOH and social measurement enabling deeper insight and a more holistic approach to overall campaign performance measurement.

Maximizing Return: On-demand and Real-time Media Measurement and Optimization Delivers Results

Speakers to be announced

Historically, tactical sales lift media measurement solutions have enabled marketers to retrospectively evaluate how well a campaign performed and use the results to better understand how they might change things for upcoming campaigns. Today, with data at scale, marketers can shift the paradigm from looking backward to performing granular measurement and optimization in real-time, for the first time. This gives them the power to adjust tactics in-flight and maximize sales lift and ROAS. This session is focused on what data, technology and processes are available today to move from understanding the outcomes after the fact to being able to take control and change the trajectory of an in-flight campaign with near real-time measurement and optimization.


Tap Into Specific Data Sets to Really Know Your Customer

Molly Hjelm, Vice President, Marketing, SPINS
Eric Anderson, Principal, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

To delight consumers, advertisers must plan a campaign that delivers a meaningful experience. From a targeting perspective, working with the right partners and integrating the right data sets can be the difference between delivering a message fully aligned to the consumer’s need state or completely missing t he mark with an unwanted or intrusive ad. In this data mash-up session, you’ll learn some ways in which you can use specific data sets to enable activation across a variety of need states.


Turn Shoppers into Buyers with the Latest Shopper Marketing Strategies

Chris Copeland, President, Yieldbot
Michael Ellgass, EVP, Retail and Digital Media Solutions, IRI
Additional Speakers to be announced

Retailers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their use of data, and brands not leveraging personalization in their shopper marketing plans are missing an opportunity to drive relevance and sales. During this session, learn how companies of all sizes are aligning their objectives and dollars in brand marketing, shopper marketing and trade, and how one CPG brand was able to maximize campaign impact with this integrated approach.


Unify Your Measurement, Improve Your Results

Chad Krause, Director of Advanced Analytics, Conagra Brands
Jim Nail, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Bhanu Bhardwaj, Senior Vice President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Steve Tobias, Executive, Advanced Analytics, Strategic Analytics, IRI

With so many touch points across the consumer buying journey and an increasingly fragmented media environment, marketers are experiencing greater challenges when it comes to measuring the true performance of their various strategic initiatives and tactical campaigns. Reliable measurement techniques, including marketing mix and attribution, when used in isolation, don’t necessarily provide an integrated view of impact. This session will look at the latest measurement techniques and how companies can use a more unified approach to measurement to improve their interactions with customers and achieve better sales results.



Data Detective Re-Engineered: New Clues To Track Down Your Ideal Buyer In The Era Of Big Data

Coleen Halloran, Loyalty, Insights and Personalized Marketing, Walgreens Boots Alliance
Eric Lang, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, IRI
Sophia Molina, Consultant, Retail Client Solutions, IRI

The days of relying solely on market measurement or panel data to help direct your key product decisions are gone. Big data has made it possible to connect disparate data sources in ways that allow even casual users to make more informed decisions about their products and shoppers. This session will build on the tried and true strategies to diagnose issues and prescribe solutions learned within IRI's Data Detective sessions but extend that paradigm. You will see how to incorporate non-traditional data sources into your process to turbocharge your diagnostic and prescriptive skill sets. This session will provide a practical example, via a real-world, new-item launch at Walgreens, to demonstrate how big data helped better inform product selection, introduction prioritization, shopper targeting and household communication strategies. This session is for manufacturer attendees only.

Navigating the Transformation of Retail, Shoppers and Private Brands

Donna Wydra, Principal, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Mark Wright, Principal, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Bob Himler, Vice President, Private Brand Development, RITE AID

Change. This one simple word sums up both the retail market and its shoppers. Understanding this change, however, is not that simple. The entry and expansion of European discounters Lidl and Aldi, Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and the growing popularity of private labels present both risks and opportunities for retailers and national brands. As the market shifts, so do shoppers, and both brands and retailers must have preemptive strategies in place to respond and protect share. Learn how private brands are evolving and explore their impact on shopper loyalty, the role of click and collect versus delivery, and the key ways you need to prepare for retail’s fast-changing future. This session is for manufacturer attendees only.

Predict Future Retail Sales from Today's Shopper Behavior

Fernando Salido, Executive Vice President, Shopper Analytics, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

Consumers often stretch the truth on surveys, but following their actual behaviors helps brands and retailers understand what they really want and what they really do. In an evolving and highly competitive CPG and retail landscape, share of wallet has become the ultimate growth KPI – but winning and keeping it is getting harder with the continued blurring of digital and physical buy moments. This session will unveil proprietary research on how share of wallet strongly predicts future market performance for most CPG categories, the ways in which consumer sentiment online influences retail sales and how you can improve both to grow sales in store and online.

Retailer/Manufacturer Collaboration: Key Success Factors to Drive Growth

Katy Townsend, Senior Analyst, Category Management, Perfetti Van Melle
Kirk Box, Manager, Category Management, Red Bull
Kurian Thomas, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, Mid-Market, IRI
Melissa Moyles, Director, Client Insights, IRI

To achieve true collaboration, it’s vital that retailers and manufacturers align on common objectives that are rooted in consumer needs and that they speak the same language. But it’s not always so easy to achieve. During this session, Red Bull and Perfetti Van Melle will share how they have been successful with leading retailers in walking the talk on collaboration. Red Bull will discuss how it drove double-digit cross-category and brand growth, and Perfetti will share insights into how it made the case for a multimillion-dollar shared opportunity that its category-leading growth brands could bring.


Southeastern Grocers: Redefining Store Clusters and Segmentation Strategies for Growth

Misty Alexander, Vice President, Consumer Research and Applied Analytics
Val Wilson, Principal, Retail Client Services, IRI

Over the past six months, Southeastern Grocers (SEG) has been redefining how it clusters its stores and how it approaches its customer segmentation strategies. The tools it is using are more robust than ever and provide a strategic map for SEG to navigate saturated markets and reconnect with customers. Join this session to explore the methodological advancements SEG is using, review case studies and learn how you can access these tools to grow your brand at SEG. This session is for manufacturer attendees only.

Taking Collaboration and Growth to the Next Level with Albertsons

Mark Hawthorne, Group Vice President, Merchandising Analytics and Marketing Finance, Albertsons
Amanda Martinez, Group Vice President, Corporate Procurement, Albertsons
Scott Love, Senior Vice President, Retail Client Solutions, IRI

Success in CPG increasingly demands strong collaboration between manufacturers and retailers across all touch points in the consumer journey. During this manufacturers-only session, Albertsons will provide a preview of its new approach to collaborating through the sharing of data and putting insights into action. The session will demonstrate the ways in which manufacturers can more easily capture and reduce lost sales, better align with Albertsons on in-stock position, react more quickly to forecasts and manage their own demand forecasts to improve performance at Albertsons. This session is for manufacturer attendees only.


The Future of Retail Is Personalization

Mark Williamson, Director, Partnership Marketing, Ahold Delhaize
Abi Subramanian, Director, Digital Advertising, Media Sales & Strategy, Sam’s Club
Michael Ellgass, Retail Digital and Media Solutions, IRI

As the competition for consumers’ attention and dollars grows, so do consumer expectations, making it more challenging for brands to make relevant connections with them. Leading-edge retailers have begun leveraging their relationships with customers, moving away from category management to instead focus on customer management, as retailers aim to play a more central role in connecting brands to consumers. And as retailers and brands work together to deliver better experiences to shoppers, ad performance and sales lift improve. This session will demonstrate how the combination of emerging data sets, loyalty data and other shopper behavior information helps both retailers and brands predict and improve performance, providing more value on the journey to more personalized marketing.



Ensure Success with Your Data Lake Deployments

Ash Patel, Chief Information Officer, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

As personalization becomes more of an imperative for brands, many companies are considering whether it makes sense to build their own data lakes so that they have big data readily available for analysis and direct-to-consumer marketing. However, there are numerous challenges in working with and storing raw data. During this session, learn best practices for successful data lakes – including the right technology and the right design – so that you don’t drown.


Data Detective: Consumer and Shopper

Jennifer Rose, Consultant, Solutions Training and Adoption, IRI

So you think you know your customers? Think again. That one customer has multiple personalities –consumer, shopper, buyer and possibly user – that pop out during different phases of the purchase cycle. Consumer and shopper data help you think big and get granular at the same time. In this session, you’ll understand how to analyze the vast array of consumer and shopper data available and be on your way to stronger and more loyal customer relationships.


Data Detective: POS Data, Help Me Grow!

Jessica Sweet, Consultant, Solutions Training and Adoption, IRI

POS data is essentially a “cost of entry” if you’re doing business in the CPG industry. While everyone has it, there are several ways to use it better than your competitors in order to fuel growth. This crash course will focus on creating actionable insights using POS data as it relates to distribution, pricing and promotion. Now more than ever, with all the vast amounts of data available, fact-based decisions supported by accurate interpretation are critical to CPG and retail success, both day to day and long term.

Going Off the Grid

Kate Bousk, Principal, Reporting Solutions, Team Lead, IRI
Amy Cohen, Principal, Reporting Solutions Design, IRI

Have you dreamed of “going off the grid” – being independent of the spreadsheet life? Have you dreamed of a day when those rows and columns of data could be transformed into business decisions?  You’re probably thinking it’s easier said than done. Let us help you move away from big grids toward visualizations that distill your data into actionable content.

Unify Coaching Corner   

Get your Unify and Unify Office questions answered and issues addressed via a one-on-one, 45-minute coaching session! Learn advanced functionality, discover tips and tricks to increase power and efficiency, and get targeted help on challenges you’re facing. Let our experts help you leverage the solution to the fullest extent!

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Track 1: Coaching on Unify Features and Functionality (Hosted by the Solutions Training and Adoption Team)

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Track 2: Consulting on Content Approach and Design (Hosted by Reporting Solutions Design Consultants)

Share your current report(s) and the design you envision that incorporates creative approaches to visualization and configuration options. Register for an appointment here.

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