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Breathing New Life into Legacy Brands

Evan Bashoff, Vice President of Marketing, Kramer Labs
Ray Florio, Partner, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI

How do you drive growth when your category’s demand is fixed? As a midsize manufacturer of a wide array of over-the-counter brands to treat a variety of conditions, Kramer Labs knows that any change in strategy, from launching new products, to changing messaging, carries with it the significant threat of cannibalization. Learn how the company was able to identify new opportunities for its brands to secure profitable future growth that both retained current buyers and expanded the consumer base. The session will cover an innovative approach to building comprehensive plans that refine the product offering set, pack size, pricing and positioning of key brands in the portfolio.

Driving Higher ROI Through an Integrated Trade Program

Joy Tamke, Manager of Pricing and Trade Marketing, Hormel
Alastair Steel, Partner, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI

Trade promotions and merchandising continue to be the backbone of CPG marketing investment and a vital lever to drive revenue and store traffic. Unfortunately, while companies continue to invest in trade, the effectiveness of these promotions continues to decline. Join this session to see how a CPG manufacturer has been able to drive increased value for both itself and its retail partners via an integrated trade program, breaking through traditional barriers and working to align it with other strategies across its portfolio.

The Psychology of Pricing and Your Brand

Erkan Bozkurt, Vice President, Pricing Strategy, Conagra Brands
Luke Rauch, Vice President, Commercial Strategy, Walgreens
Sharat Mathur, Executive, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

In today’s competitive environment, shoppers are exposed to pricing and promotions on a daily basis. As their preferences and choices evolve, it is important for companies to understand what attributes and products are likely to drive higher price realization. This panel discussion provides perspectives from several industry leaders on the importance of understanding shoppers' mindsets and what they are willing to pay for. It will cover best practices on building a holistic pricing program that combines elasticities with the “psychology of pricing,” including examples of how companies are doing this today and what's expected in the future, and understanding the role of each brand within a portfolio in order to optimize pricing.

COLLABORATION TRACK (For Manufacturers Only)

Collaborating to Improve Supply Chain Performance at Albertsons

Amanda Martinez, Group Vice President - Corporate Procurement, Albertsons
Marco Iniguez, Director, Corporate Procurement – GM/HBC, Albertsons
Clayton Wiley, Sales Director, Grocery West, SC Johnson
Roberto Ciampa, Sales Director, Albertsons, SC Johnson
Trevor Bach, Manager, Customer Supply Chain, SC Johnson
Scott Love, Senior Vice President, Retail Client Solutions, IRI

The Albertsons Supply Chain Gateway launched in 2018 and rapidly increased collaboration between Albertsons and participating vendors. This session will look at a specific use case example, review how the area of opportunity was identified, and how Albertsons and SC Johnson drove improvements together. The session will also highlight additional use cases from the model from both Albertsons and SC Johnson's perspective that focus on improving sales and reducing supply chain variability. Participants will walk away with examples of how to immediately improve supply chain performance using benchmarking as a guide and how to use plan-o-gram-authorized metrics to identify sales opportunities.

End-to-End Information Enhances Retailer Success

Misty Alexander, Vice President, Customer Insights & Applied Analytics, Southeastern Grocers
Valerie Wilson, Principal and Team Leader, Retail Client Services, IRI

The grocery marketplace is facing a variety of headwinds that are disrupting the competitive landscape and shopper attitudes and behaviors. Winning means breaking through the clutter with marketing programs that move the needle. Still, already razor-thin margins make it critical to expertly balance promotional and base sales to offer a solid value proposition that drives traffic and supports a healthy return on inventory investments while not leaving money on the table. To strike that balance, Southeastern Grocers is partnering with suppliers, tapping into end-to-end insights to constantly calibrate promotion and media actions to appeal to high-potential customers across their demographically diverse marketspace. Find out how ongoing targeting, measurement and optimization makes marketing programs more effective and efficient, setting the table for lasting loyalty and sustainable growth despite the chaos that swirls around.

From Cherry Pickers to Consistent Buyers: Using Loyalty Data and Collaboration to Drive High-Impact Promotions

Brian McCoy, Director of Grocery Insights, Walgreens
Caroline Liu, Senior Director Insights Sharing, Walgreens
Sophia Molina, Consultant, Retail Client Solutions, IRI

The days of relying solely on market measurement to help direct promotion evaluations are gone. Loyalty data allows even casual users to make more informed, long-term decisions about promotional impact from a retailer perspective. In this session, IRI and Walgreens will demonstrate the true power of integrated data and effective retailer-supplier collaboration. Find out how, through technology, suppliers can efficiently and accurately integrate Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.’s 10 million-customer-strong Balance Reward program data with point of sale market data and panel in a way that enables prescriptive insights to guide activation with key shopper cohorts. You will walk away learning how to strengthen collaborative partnerships, identify and understand highest-value shoppers and implement personalized promotional strategies that move the needle.

The War on Out-of-Stocks – ADUSA Supply Chain

Tom Elliot, Manager Supply Chain Collaboration, Retail Business Services – a company of Ahold Delhaize USA
Bill Homan, Supply Chain DSD Specialist, Retail Business Services – a company of Ahold Delhaize USA
Howard Sherr, Principal and Vice President, IRI

We're all good at tracking what we’ve sold, but it’s harder to understand what we could have sold if the right amount of product was on the right shelf and priced accurately at the time the customer came to make the purchase. As we collaborate to fight out-of-stocks, we’re getting better at taking action to get the right products to the store. Still, in-store execution issues can and do derail proper in-stock positioning. Identifying and correcting for these issues can be costly and time-consuming. ADUSA and IRI are collaborating on a multi-pronged approach that leverages proprietary algorithms and machine learning to identify execution-driven out-of-stocks that perpetual inventory systems can’t identify and predict the next item/store combinations to be out of stock. By quickly identifying and communicating these instances, we’re filling over 6,000 holes, six days per week, recapturing tens of millions in lost sales for ADUSA and manufacturers and enhancing the shopper experience. Attend this session to learn key drivers of out-of-stocks—those that are easy to identify and the ones that are more challenging to detect; how ADUSA and IRI are using data, technology and people together to combat out-of-stocks and improve the shopper experience; and what’s next in supply chain optimization.


A Guide for Maintaining Pacesetter Momentum

Bala Gurumoorthy, Marketing Intelligence Director, Ferrero
Leslie Newlee, Senior Director of Business Insights, Red Bull
Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Joan Driggs, Vice President, Thought Leadership and Content, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

It’s New Product Pacesetter season! Join IRI, as well as a panel of past Pacesetter leaders, as we delve into top New Product Pacesetter themes for 2018 and how these leading products can keep the sales momentum going. After IRI shares the seven deadly sins of new product innovation, a panel of past Pacesetter executives will share their strategies – and speed bumps – for maintaining sales growth.

Flavoring a Successful Future with Market Structures and Loyalty Data

Eric Paul, Director, Consumer & Market Insight, McCormick & Company
Jordan Cusner, Senior Manager, Consumer & Market Insight, McCormick & Company  
Rima Nair, Principal, Innovation, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

How does a 100+ year old global leader in flavor take the next step in its brand evolution while enhancing its retail relationships at the same time? Find out how McCormick used broad structures and shopper loyalty data as the foundation for aisle-level leadership with key retail partners and drive sales.

Make 'Em Laugh: Using Five Different Faces of Fun to Connect with Generation Z

George Carey, CEO, The Family Room LLC
Lynn Gillis, Principal, Survey and Segmentation, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

Gen Z is largely considered a realistic, forward-thinking, pragmatic and responsible generation - character traits that may seem to be the antithesis of a generation that can also be understood and reached based on their desire and appreciation for fun. In this session you’ll discover how the massive shifts in Gen Z’s cultural surroundings are altering both the meaning and manifestations of “fun” and how it can be used to authentically connect with them. Drawn from a survey of over 10,000 Gen Z-ers around the world by The Family Room LLC, and supported with insights from IRI, this lively and interactive session will summarize the dominant forms of fun Gen Z are motivated by today, as well as identify which “Face Of Fun” they turn to specific brands, restaurants, and occasions to fill.

Sustainability: Driving Product and Category Growth

Randi Kronthal Sacco, Senior Scholar, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (former global vice president at Johnson and Johnson, and CMO at Rodan and Fields)

Sustainability is a much-discussed but often overlooked opportunity for product innovation and company growth. During this session, hear groundbreaking new research from the NYU Stern School of Business and IRI on how sustainability marketing is impacting sales performance and CPG category growth. The session will cover current trends, analyze sustainability purchasing patterns, and provide a deep dive into several categories. Attendees will better understand the current consumer demand for sustainability and leave with ideas on how to embed it into their strategy and innovation planning.

The Growing Cannabis Landscape: A New Crop of Opportunity

Jessica Lukes, Vice President, Consumer Insights, BDS Analytics
Carl Edstrom, Senior Vice President, Survey and Segmentation, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

The legalization of cannabis and the proliferation of hemp-based products provide enormous opportunities - and potential threats - for a wide range of product categories and retailers. How do consumers feel about it? Where are the biggest changes going to occur? This session will explore the perceptions and realities of cannabis adoption and usage - with an eye on the future and how it is expected to impact the CPG industry.


Exceed the Evolving Expectations of the Natural and Wellness Consumer

Speakers to be announced

New and emerging ways of eating are making the wellness consumer increasingly complex to understand, identify and reach. Shoppers are more empowered and informed than ever before, making purchase decisions based on nuances of the nutrition fact panel, allergens, sustainability, and more. In order to effectively build relationships with these customers, brands and retailers must deeply understand their shoppers’ purchase drivers, curate a resonant assortment and build an interwoven and personalized experience both in-store and digitally. Join SPINS, IRI and a retailer to learn how they have leveraged the power of the right data and technology to increase loyalty with these shoppers and stay ahead of the curve.

Growth Leaders: How CPG Companies are Winning Today

Thatcher Schulte, Senior Director, Predictive Sciences, Conagra
Rich Greenberg, Chief Customer Officer, Sovos Brands 
Krishnakumar (KK) Davey, President, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Cara Loeys, Principal, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Every year, IRI and the Boston Consulting Group assess and rank more than 400 U.S. CPG companies on their growth. This session will reveal the companies that achieved leading growth in 2018, as well as the notable consumer trends they tapped into and the other core drivers of their success. Attendees will draw practical inspiration directly from a panel of winners on how to reimagine their businesses and consumers to excel in today’s unprecedented retail environment.

Move Faster (and Smarter) for Omnichannel Growth

Sucharita Kodali, Vice President, Forrester
Boren Novacovic, Managing Director and CEO, Edge by Ascential
Sam Gagliardi, Senior Vice President, E-Commerce, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

IRI recently conducted a study that identifies which brands are performing well in e-commerce and why. During this session, we will review the findings, and a panel of leading e-commerce practitioners will discuss what it takes to achieve success online.

Seeing Green: The Rise of Plant-Based Protein Across the Store

Chris Ross, Vice President of Marketing, H.P. Hood
John Crawford, Vice President, Client Insights - Dairy, IRI
Tim Grzebinski, Principal, Client Insights, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Although plant-based products are not new, with soy milk and vegetable spreads gaining popularity in the 1970s and vegetable burgers in the 1980s, plant-based products as a protein substitute for animal-based protein have proliferated in recent years all throughout the store. During this session, we will examine this growth in key categories and discuss, via a panel of experts from dairy and protein, the rise of plant-based protein, its drivers of growth and how it will continue to evolve in the future.

The Ever-Evolving Environment of E-Commerce

Michelle McNamara, Vice President, eCommerce, Chobani
Sam Gagliardi, Senior Vice President, E-Commerce, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

E-commerce is much more than just Amazon, especially for food brands. This session will detail the ever-changing environment of e-commerce, qualify the changes and lay out specific strategies to help your organization drive sales through omnichannel retailers.



Audience Architecture: Optimizing Target Activation with Data-Driven Messaging

Todd McClimans, Product Manager, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

With the proliferation of third-party data sets, CPG marketers have the formidable task of determining which audiences can deliver the best reach and return within budget. In this session, learn how to identify scalable, high-quality and ethically-sourced data by asking the right questions to data providers. Explore how third-party data can drive insights, messaging and activation that deliver strong lift and ROI – then hear best practices from agency and CPG clients that have had success.

Circle of Influence: The Keys to Success in Influencer Marketing

Ryan Detert, CEO, Influential
Mariana Torres-Lastra, Consultant, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Influencer marketing can be a fantastic way to enhance your brand – or it can be a waste of time and money. As CPG brands are beginning to shift some media dollars to influencer programs, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of this burgeoning part of the marketing mix and how to best set up campaigns for success. Attend this session to learn best practices in influencer campaigns, how AI is beginning to play an important part and the ways in which CPG brands are successfully using influencer marketing to increase sales lift.

How CPG Brands Leverage Addressable TV in Their Overall Marketing Mix

David Wyler, Vice President, Advanced TV and Digital Video, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Addressable TV households in the U.S. have grown by more than 60 percent since 2015, to almost 80 million households. CPG and OTC brands are increasingly leveraging this highly targeted platform as part of their overall marketing mix. Join us for this session as we explore how a CPG marketer was able to execute a successful addressable campaign and apply those learnings to inform subsequent media activation.


Measurement That’s Just Right

Jim Totten, Director, Marketing Analytics, PepsiCo North America
Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer, The Advertising Research Foundation
Vijoy Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice President and Principal, Media Center of Excellence, IRI

Lift. Multi-touch Attribution. Marketing Mix. There is plenty of industry buzz right now around the need for more unified measurement but confusion remains around what that means exactly. The big question marketers continue to grapple with is how the nature of consumer behavior, such as offline conversion and in-store conditions, impact a holistic model that provides the complete view that’s needed to improve campaigns and accurately measure ROI. This session will elaborate on these three measurement approaches, dispel some of the myths and confusion surrounding them, and explain how each works together for a complete approach to media measurement.

Power Campaign Performance with In-flight Optimization

Max Knight, Vice President, Analytics Services, Amobee           
JP Beauchamp, Senior Vice President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Today, one of the biggest missteps advertisers make is waiting until the end of a campaign to measure it and then relying solely on clicks or engagement metrics to assess overall performance. While these proxy metrics give a rough estimate of conversions, they falsely assume that a consumer’s engagement converts them into a customer. Fortunately, the tools, data and automation are now available to help CPG marketers know exactly what is driving ad performance while the campaign is still running so that adjustments can still be made to maximize success. Find out how a brand was able to measure in near real-time what was most effective in driving its offline sales and how it used continuous optimization to improve overall sales lift and return on ad spend.     



Balancing the Changing Consumer Pendulum in Fresh Foods

Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President, and Practice Leader, IRI
Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI

The fresh sector has evolved over the past few years and we have seen shifts in what consumers are buying and where they are buying. Some perimeter products and solutions are winning more than others, but why? During this session, IRI will delve into why trends work in some areas but not others by uncovering insights on the multifaceted U.S. consumers’ purchase and consumption habits of Fresh. This session will look at consumer trends from a multicultural, generational and socioeconomic status perspective, examining segmental attitudes towards fresh and actual behavior. It will also share new and actionable insights that retailers and manufacturers can use for driving innovation and creating in-store programs that will drive up to more than $4 billion in incremental sales opportunity for the fresh retail industry.

Bringing It All Together: A Comprehensive Approach to Brand and Shopper Marketing

Michael Ellgass, Executive Vice President, Technology and Retail Media, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Relevance is everything and that includes continuity of message. Whether companies are looking to build awareness or drive a purchase decision in store, those that take a holistic omnichannel approach are better able to maximize consumer engagement and, in turn, their marketing outcomes. Join us for a panel discussion with CPG, agency and retail leaders to discuss the strategies marketers are using today to create more unified experiences for consumers all across the marketing funnel.

Collaboration Paves the Path to Private Brand Growth

Linda Severin, Vice President, Retail Solutions Management, Topco
Mark McKeown, Principal, Client Insights, IRI

Private brand growth has accelerated in the U.S. market during the past two years, driven by the fact that retailers see their brands as key drivers of differentiation for shoppers.This differentiation leads to increases in loyalty, trips, basket size, same-store sales and market share.Still, private brands are an area where retailers and suppliers have underinvested in understanding shopper preferences, product differentiation and demand drivers.And, due to the historical “transactional” relationship between retailers and their private brand suppliers, collaboration is also underdeveloped. As active leaders on FMI’s Private Brands Council, IRI and Topco will provide analysis and perspective on opportunities for private brand growth within the U.S. market and, based on work completed by the Council, identify factors that will drive or inhibit private brand growth for retailers and suppliers. The session will also include examples and best practices in data, technology and services to identify development and growth opportunities for member retailers and private brand suppliers.

Convenience Store Opportunities: Center of Store, Future Insights, Amazing Growth!

Larry Levin, Executive Vice President Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI
Matt McCourt, Vice President, Retail Client Services, IRI

The convenience channel is well-suited for today’s busy lifestyles, but increasing competition and high levels of “advertising noise” are making it more challenging to capture consumers’ attention and spending. More than ever, understanding and acting in accordance with consumers’ attitudes, expectations and behaviors is critical. After all, it is consumer-centric marketing programs that create a positive shopping experience, build share and strengthen loyalty. During this session, learn about the role the role that millennials and Generation Z are playing as the new wave of c-store shoppers and how to develop assortment; pricing and promotion strategies that move the needle; the impact healthy eating trends are having on center-store c-store performance and how to build on the great momentum of perimeter; and how to leverage niche innovation to excitement and store traffic.

Consumer Physics: Retail Disruptions Changing Traditional Gravitational Forces

Fernando Salido, EVP, Shopper Analytics, Consumer and Shopper Marketing, IRI

In the past, consumer share of wallet could be measured and predicted by the size (mass) of the store and the relative distance of consumers to the store, creating a quantifiable “gravitational” pull. Today, new forces are permanently altering the traditional pull of physical stores, from smaller “satellite” stores dispersing share of wallet / gravitational pull to e-commerce and m-commerce options introducing strong “unseen” forces changing the retail universe. In this introductory session, the first of IRI's Retail Disruptors series, we will explore key retail disruptions that are reducing consumer friction, improving retail momentum and challenging traditional retail centers of gravity.


Data Detective: Delivering Growth through POS Data

Brian Ackerman, Consultant, Solutions Training and Adoption, IRI

POS data is essentially a “cost of entry” if you’re doing business in the CPG industry. While everyone has it, there are several ways to use it to your competitive advantage to help fuel growth. This crash course will focus on creating actionable insights using POS data as it relates to distribution, pricing and promotion. Now more than ever, with all the vast amounts of data available, fact-based decisions supported by accurate interpretation are critical to CPG and retail success, both day to day and long term.

Data Detective: Understanding Consumer and Shopper Behavior

Kris Daly, Consultant, Solutions Training and Adoption, IRI

So you think you know your customers? Think again. That one customer has multiple personalities –consumer, shopper, buyer and possibly user – that pop out during different phases of the purchase cycle. Consumer and shopper data help you think big and get granular at the same time. In this session, you’ll understand how to analyze the vast array of consumer and shopper data available and be on your way to stronger and more loyal customer relationships.

Unify Coaching Corner

Get your Unify and Unify Add-in for Office questions answered and issues addressed via a one-on-one, 45-minute coaching session! Learn advanced functionality, incorporate creative approaches to visualization, discover tips and tricks to increase power and efficiency, and get targeted help on challenges you’re facing. Sign up for a coaching session to sharpen your current abilities and add new skills to your repertoire. Let our experts help you leverage the solution to the fullest extent!

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