March 30 - April 1, 2020

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2020 IRI Growth Summit.

Marketers must continually challenge old ways of thinking, mixing in the new while also balancing the tried and true. At the 2020 IRI Growth Summit, hear new ideas from industry icons, see what has worked well for your peers and test-drive the latest technology solutions, so that you can drive innovation and growth.

Go Beyond What You Thought Was Possible.

Growth Starts Here.
Hear directly from your peers who are finding new growth in CPG and retail, learning what works and what doesn’t, during organized sessions as well as impromptu networking. Then, check out some of the solutions in action.

Be Inspired By the Best.
The conference lineup includes industry luminaries from CPG, retail and media – we like to call them gurus of growth, CPG connoisseurs, retail rock stars and media mavens – from companies of all sizes and budgets.


Unlimited ideas for growth

The IRI Growth Summit exceeded my expectations. There never was a point during the conference in which I wasn't excited."

2018 Manufacturer Attendee

I was very impressed by the mix of practical information along with opportunities to be inspired for personal and professional growth.

2019 Summit Attendee

All of the main stage speakers exceeded my expectations of insights leveraged, findings provided, and recommendations we can take action against.

2019 Summit Attendee

I was really impressed with the depth of content shared by the speakers on the mainstage and in the breakout sessions. There were clear, actionable takeways versus theoretical or academic viewpoints.

2019 Summit Attendee

As always the venue, the speakers, and the breakout sessions were outstanding. This event is better every year.

2019 Summit Attendee