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IRI Media Profilers?

Store-related advertising can generate significant revenue for both manufacturers and retailers. IRI’s store group profilers is a suite of solutions which will tell you which options work best for you.

Why IRI Media Profilers?

IRI’s experience in store group designs and analyses is unparalleled: Working on thousands of similar studies for both small local manufacturers and global major accounts.

Assess historical media campaigns’ performance to assess potential choices and identify key success factors that can be replicated nationally for a successful campaign.

With IRI Census scanner data in many countries, clients benefit from an enlarged choice of test stores and their matching control stores.

Use IRI’s census data to find the best possible test and matching control stores for the most reliable statistical evaluation.

IRI can deliver fast results for rapid action taking!

Focusing on a specific campaign, results for a test can be done in a few weeks (or less depending on the scope!).

IRI’s Media Profilers allow sync easily with InfoScan data, shopper study or even client data for enriched results and more actionable insights.

IRI is your leading partner with both a unique knowledge on FMCG categories and the ability to provide enriched store level analyses and more efficient results.


How We’re Different


IRI Media Profilers is a suite of store-level solutions that deliver fast, scalable and highly customisable analytics. We bring together store-level data and analytics to help clients take the right decisions within their in-store or store-related media environment, while scaling our solutions to meet specific client needs for actionable insights.


In-Store Media Campaign Efficiency

A media agency implemented a 6Sheet campaign for a frozen potatoes manufacturer client across 100 stores. It wanted to understand the sales effectiveness of the 6Sheet campaign over and above promotional and other marketing support performance, as well as determining its revenue return on investment.

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