Media Solutions That Improve Your Sales and Drive Your Campaigns

IRI’s end-to-end solutions ensure that advertisers and their agencies have the insights they need to plan better campaigns, target and activate the right audiences, measure and optimise results.

Customers are being bombarded with irrelevant ads. Are yours really effective?


Understand what drives customer purchases and then plan advertising across channels.

  • Companies spend large amounts of money enhancing their brand’s in-store or store-related media. With in-depth knowledge, issues can be pinpointed easily, allowing the effective targeting and resolution of problems associated with media and sales performance, potentially enabling savings or avoiding losses. Use predictive analysis with IRI Media Profilers to assess your new products, or new variants, performance on the specific media activity and detect how, and if, goals can be achieved.
  • Understand in a simple and cost effective way the effectiveness of online media campaigns using control and test environments across display, search, mobile, video-on-demand, social and word of mouth with IRI Digital Active.
  • Realise the sales effectiveness of all aspects of digital media campaigns (creative, implementation, etc.) simultaneously in a non-controlled environment with IRI Digital Accelerator.

Recommend tailored digital campaigns by identifying the sales opportunities by region.

  • Easily understand which consumers should be targeted for your digital campaign, by identifying the sales opportunity by region/store clusters with IRI Purchase Based Targeting.
  • Use industry solutions and optimise your media investment with the best possible media plan.
  • Media spends are a huge part of a company’s budget. While the media environment keeps evolving, we assess where to invest and tell you which campaigns are efficient. Use predictive analysis to optimise your media activity in order to maximise product, account and manufacturer profit with IRI Media Models
  • Improve brand and shopper ROI with an on-demand marketing planning and measurement platform that simulates, diagnoses and optimises spending for brands and portfolios with IRI Marketing Foresight™
  • Measure and optimise real-time digital advertising on a weekly basis while a campaign is in flight with IRI Lift™

Use the industry’s only on-demand and always-on measurement solutions, and get results during the first weeks of a campaign. Then, access a wide range of optimisation algorithms for real-time audience redirecting.

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