Retail Gateways

Allow direct access to daily transaction-level data for a specific retailer's stores. Manufacturers who participate in retail collaboration gateway programmes see almost 4 percent growth over those who don't.

With our retail gateway portals, manufacturers and retailers can look at the same information and work together more effectively.

The collaboration component within the gateway solution provides a highly structured set of rules for retailers and their key constituents, resulting in more efficient communications between all parties than is available without the solution.

Gain access to unique data sets.

In certain cases, unique data sets are only available to those who participate in gateway solutions, greatly enhancing the collaboration opportunities.

Work with leading retailers

We have various retail gateways in the UK, including; Tesco, Waitrose, M&S, Poundland, McColl's, One Stop and Costco.

How we're different
One version of the truth

Have more productive business discussions with data organized in the retailer’s own product and geographic hierarchies.

Unparalleled timeliness of data

Get daily and weekly (varies by solution) updated information to optimize in-stock levels and prevent lost sales.

Depth and granularity of data

Derive actionable insights from point-of-sale and inventory data by store and by day to track performance of your brands.

"Last year we (PepsiCo) delivered the highest absolute growth of any FMCG company, over a billion dollars in retail, and IRI, frankly, played a very big role."


How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?

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