Press Releases

£3.7 billion worth of discounts disappear from supermarket shelves as promotions fall to lowest levels in 10 years – IRI Price and Promotion study reveals

The pressure on UK retailers to be more transparent in their pricing has seen the number of trade promotions fall to their lowest levels for 10 years,

IRI figures show we’re going nuts for coconut-inspired beauty products to the tune of more than £12m per year

Sandwich, salad and sushi ‘Lunch on the go’ culture gives convenience retailers £36 million boost says IRI

Meal deals help to drive category growth but convenience retailers reliant on sandwiches are missing out

IRI launches affordable analytics solution to smaller brands – offering marketing mix analysis for £7k in just three weeks

Cooperation agreement entered into by IRI and EROSKI

EROSKI to develop innovative supplier collaboration platform with IRI

IRI calls for industry standard on Big Data Collaboration

IRI’s latest whitepaper on Big Data Collaboration calls for FMCG retailers and manufacturers to unify their data and analytics expertise in order to drive brand and category growth

IRI Launches New Growth Solutions Team to Unlock Opportunities for Manufacturers

IRI and M&S to address Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit 2017 on how retailers and CPG manufacturers can share big data for smart growth

Supermarket range cuts drive decline in sales of new product launches

Revenue from NPD down by £99.6mn in the last year according to a new study by IRI

FMCG manufacturers finding it harder to get the distribution they need to make new product launches a success

Price rises and private label drive up sales of olive oil across Europe

‘Selfie generation’ helping to create near £1bn cosmetics market

Fewer deals on groceries hike costs for shoppers, but everyday branded prices still not rising says IRI

IRI’s Big Question report on the grocery price war reveals it has saved UK shoppers £9.3bn over 3 years

UK retailers lose over £2m in courgette sales during January

‘Clean eating’ trend helps put avocados, almond milk and coconut water at the top of consumers’ shopping list in 2016

IRI announces change in senior management team: Anthony Graham to lead IRI Solutions and Innovations team as Lynda Gammell moves to new IRI role

IRI, the big data and technology expert for consumer industries, has announced the appointment of Anthony Graham as Executive Vice President of International Solutions and Innovations to replace Lynda Gammell. This senior management change in the International division of IRI took effect Tuesday, 3 January 2017.

Chin-chin! Gin & tonic flies off supermarket shelves

- IRI data shows gin as biggest growth driver in spirits thanks to craft and premium varieties
- Gin a major contributor to Christmas ‘booze bonanza’ for UK retailers

Prosecco bursts Champagne’s bubble with faster sales growth across Europe, according to IRI figures

- UK Prosecco sales grow by 25% despite drop in Champagne prices
- France – home of Champagne production – sees volume decline

Europe’s FMCG brands reduce reliance on price promotions claims IRI

IRI Price and Promotion in Western Economies report reveals a pause in promotion escalation as manufacturers re-assess their value.

Sales of bin liners go up in response to become the stongest-growing household category

According to the latest figures from IRI, a leading provider of FMCG market intelligence and predictive, actionable insight, government targets to reduce the number of plastic bags used by shoppers has not only been met, but exceeded. A price levy of 5p per bag came into force in England last October, following similar charges enforced some time ago in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Previously, supermarkets gave away the bags for free.

£335k Marmite sales boost answers the question of Love It or Hate It

IRI’s analysis of sales shows that the much loved (or hated!) British-born spread sold 129,000 more jars across the UK’s biggest supermarkets