topline reports (europe)

IRI Topline Report (H2/Q4 2016)

Overall economic indicators are encouraging, gross domestic product (GDP) is growing in all countries except in Greece, unemployment is decreasing everywhere except in Italy but recovery in some countries remains fragile (Italy, Greece and Spain).

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) performance has improved again overall versus 2015 with +0.5% in volume and +0.7% in value growth across Europe.

Price rose slightly in Germany, France and Netherlands, as well as Greece but reduced in Italy, Spain and the UK. UK and France remain in a price war context for different reasons and with different impacts.

The leading countries for sales promotions remain the UK with 46.2% of sales on promotion and Italy with 29.8% of sales on promotion.

To learn more about FMCG market trends in Europe, download and read our IRI Topline Report for H2/Q4 2016.


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