Innovation Showcase Opening Hours:

July 9
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
5:45 PM – 7:00 PM

July 10
8:30 AM – 9:15 AM
1:15 PM – 2:30 PM

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Analytics & Retail Growth

IRI Always-On Marketing Mix Effectiveness Platform provides an innovative approach to run marketing, price and promo plan assessments and optimisation along with enhanced ROI calculations. Marketers can use the platform for real-time data ingestion and preparation, supported by data visualisation. Machine-learning-based algorithms feed insight reports visualised on the same platform along with the capability to evaluate and optimise actionable marketing, price and promo plans.

IRI Media Profilers helps manufacturers and retailers to focus marketing investment on the activities that offer the highest payback and maximise the relevance and ROI of their marketing plans. It is an on-demand, on-the-fly and cost-effective way of measuring in-market activity or testing localised activity to avoid the costly national rollout of campaigns that are not paying off as required.

See IRI’s revolutionary CRM Shopper Activation platform turn insight into impact through the automation of recurring marketing campaigns and marketing mix optimisation. Target shoppers with precision through an intuitive and visual IRI Audience Builder and 1:1 personalisation powered by machine learning. Effortlessly create engaging and personalised dynamic content and deliver multi-touch marketing campaigns across an ecosystem of channel partners.

Turn shopper data into actionable insights and increased loyalty. Capture new growth opportunities with tailoured shopper, trip and store segmentations; predictive shopper analytics; and custom retail targeting solutions. Propel your shopper strategy to the next level with IRI Shopper Analytics.

The IRI Supply Chain solution leverages advanced data science and optimisation capabilities to enhance and improve supply chain planning for manufacturers and retailers.

For manufacturers it optimises compliance, which maximises on-shelf availability, reduces inventory costs and chargebacks. By calibrating inventory levels and reducing inventory losses, the solution improves margins and usage of capital. Finally, embedded collaboration capabilities drive faster and better decisions and outcomes for all.

It helps retailers optimise inventory levels at each store and distribution center; improve out-of-stocks and over-stocks. It provides daily updates on vendor compliance, service levels and other key metrics, such as lead time, fill rate, inventory turns and forecast accuracy.

With groundbreaking visualisation and data-science-driven prescriptive optimisation, IRI Supply Chain drives optimal decisions and outcomes with a high degree of automation.

Shoppers are demanding and can get frustrated easily; if the assortment is too large and they struggle to locate desired product or if the assortment is too small and their favourite product is not stocked, it can lead them to switch brands or stores for good. A top priority for manufacturers and retailers is winning in store with the right products. IRI Assortment Optimisation is an intuitive, state-of-the-art solution powered by machine-learning analytics. It determines the right assortment by category and store to drive the most sales by creating effective, robust assortment plans that maximise category incrementality, minimise portfolio cannibalisation and support effective innovation launches.

Technology Platform

The IRI Private Cloud is IRI’s data hosting, management, computing and insights delivery platform that is offered over the internet or behind a client’s firewall/cloud tenant. The platform comes prewired with dozens of data assets for seamless integration and automation of enterprise data solutions.

The IRI Machine Learning Cloud enables clients to embed their own proprietary data science, artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, and leverage those algorithms against any dataset integrated into IRI Liquid Data® using a variety of commercial and open-source data science toolkits. .

The IRI Integration Cloud enables rapid access to hundreds of data sources including databases, spreadsheets, files and websites, using Connectors on a one-time or recurring schedule. Transformers orchestrate the combination of multiple datasets via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Access these integrated datasets directly in Unify or use Transporters to send to a secure FTP site, cloud storage or web API.

This newest release of Unify visualisation includes several new capabilities and enhancements visible across a variety of applications. It provides a personalised presentation of relevant insights based on user roles, and unifies access to all Collaborative Gateways. It also introduces custom dimensionality for greater organisational flexibility for product and venue attributes. Finally, Unify features enhanced mobile reporting and augmented decision-making capabilities as part of several features.

The IRI Artificial Intelligence Reporting and Insights Assistant (AIRIA) voice capability empowers any user to leverage advanced insights using a natural language approach to ask questions. It addresses real-time questions on the road via mobile integration with Unify and is integrated into existing IRI solutions. .

The IRI Opportunity Finder feature minimises time-to-insights by quantifying the retail sales impact of potential opportunities. By moving from a pull to a push paradigm, it quickly identifies potential competitive gaps.

IRI Liquid Data® Market Measurement is the keystone solution that supports a manufacturer’s core insight and reporting needs every day. With enhanced breadth, depth, speed, flexibility and intelligence powered by the IRI Liquid Data® platform, the latest generation of market measurement is optimally designed to deliver growth and value in an increasingly complex, rapidly evolving, omni-channel environment.

IRI Retail Private Cloud integrates all available data into one powerful platform that is continuously updated and aligned across brand, geography, time, consumer and channel to deliver a centralised, 360-degree view of the business and shoppers. Available to everyone in an organisation, IRI’s Retail Private Cloud provides one common repository for near-instant identification of insights and targeted decision-making. The application helps generate plans, measure and optimise right down to individual stores and shoppers.

Retail Collaboration

Boots, the UK arm of Walgreens Boots Alliance, supports 17 million+ customers through 2,500 stores and online every year. Customers trust Boots on a wide variety of health and personal care matters every day. Suppliers can improve engagement with Boots and Boots’ customers via a data collaboration platform that includes POS and FSP data, including customer and transaction-level analysis, using Boots language, and accessed with Unify visualisation.

M&S’ 80,787 employees support 450 million+ customer transactions through 1,035 UK stores every year. They cater to a variety of customer missions across a number of store formats, from large retail park stores to convenient Simply Food stores that focus on high-quality, own-brand food, clothing and home products. Suppliers can improve engagement with M&S and their customers via a data collaboration platform that uses M&S’ own language, accessed via IRI’s Unify visualisation.

Waitrose & Partners go above and beyond to share their knowledge and passion for quality food with the people that matter most to them, their customers. Suppliers can improve engagement with Waitrose and their customer base via the Waitrose Customer Behaviour Portal, a collaboration platform that includes POS and loyalty data, including customer and transaction-level analysis. Suppliers and Waitrose will have data on customer behaviour at their fingertips, accessed via IRI’s Unify visualisation.

Accelerate growth and joint business planning through a retailer’s view of POS, supply chain, daily transactions, shopper loyalty and other critical data. Learn about IRI’s unique portfolio of retailer-specific collaborative gateways that provide suppliers accuracy, speed and granularity on a robust technology platform with a flexible and user-friendly interface.

Trax is the leading provider of computer vision solutions and analytics for retail. Trax helps top brands and retailers, in more than 50 countries, leverage competitive insights through in-store execution tools, market measurement services and data science to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale.

HYPERVSN is an award-winning British company responsible for developing the innovative and disruptive 3D holographic system that provides an immersive experience for viewers. Since its official release in early 2017, the HYPERVSN solution has been named among the 10 best technologies by Yahoo!, USA Today and Inc. Magazine and used by top brands. Encore Motions is a HYPERVSN partner.