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2020 IRI International
Growth Summit

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Over the next few decades, changes in technology are expected to power the biggest disruption at work since the Industrial Revolution. Not only will how work get done change, the jobs themselves will. What will the future of FMCG look like? What do you need today to be prepared for that tomorrow? We’ll explore this and more during the 2020 IRI International Growth Summit.

Stay Ahead of the Future.

Get Into Growth Mode.
Join 300 of your FMCG, retail and media peers to get the latest insights and learnings from many of the world's most most successful companies. Then, test-drive the latest technology solutions to peer into the future of the industry and see what's within reach.

Be Inspired By the Best.
The conference lineup includes industry luminaries from FMCG, retail and media – we like to call them gurus of growth, FMCG connoisseurs, retail rock stars and media mavens – from companies of all sizes and budgets. Hear their tips, tricks and secrets for growth - and get key takeaways that you can apply to your own business.

Shape the Next Decade.
There is no doubt that work and technology will continue to change. But how you prepare for and harness those changes will make all the difference. At the 2020 IRI International Growth Summit, we'll show you how.

2019 IRI International Growth Summit in London:

Unlimited ideas for growth

I was thoroughly impressed by the broad scope of IRI’s approach to the data ecosystem and how to facilitate clients in getting actionable solutions.

2019 IRI International Growth Summit Attendee

I was impressed by the amount of content on the innovation show floor as well as the range and breadth of the speakers and topics.

2019 IRI International Growth Summit Attendee

I have over 27 years of food industry experience, but what I saw at the conference and showcase blew me away...

2019 IRI International Growth Summit Attendee

Incredible depth, detailed solutions... this was one of the best events I've attended in recent years.

2019 IRI International Growth Summit Attendee