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Be brave. In difficult times, your consumers need you

The most common question I’ve been asked by brands in the past two weeks is: “Should we continue to invest in advertising during the coronavirus outbreak, when so many people are isolated?” Just this week, Marketing Week’s own figures show that many marketers are delaying thei...

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Why a Changing Media Market Requires More Agile Media Measurement

Around Halloween the last year, my partner was scrolling through a video-on-demand website looking for a spooky movie to watch, when we were bombarded with a Halloween-themed candy advertisement. For several minutes I was the captive audience of a completely contextual adverti...

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Category Management 4.0 Offers a 360-Degree View of Customers and Categories

Since its founding in 1828, German retail chain Globus has expanded to include 47 hypermarkets, 91 DIY stores and six consumer electronics stores in Germany. Additionally, it is represented in Russia, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic. In the past two years, Globus has complet...

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Three Ways to Build an Insight-Driven Organisation

In the current FMCG environment, brand manufacturers must find ways to become more agile. The industry has never had more data on its existing and potential customers yet translating this information to actionable insights has never been more difficult. Many insights teams are...

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How a Retailer Creates Customer Value Through Segmentation, Targeting and Activation

Establishing customer value is a crucial aspect of retailer marketing. Today, many organizations segment their customers by their RFM values (recency, frequency and monetization buying traits) as a way of understanding total customer value. The path to growth is a combination ...

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Retail landscape change offers further growth opportunities for Private Label

I’ll hold my hands up. Whether it’s searching the aisles or touchscreens for more indulgent dining-in options, new and exciting snacks, or saving money on products within health or homecare, private label (PL) is firmly on my radar.

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Will the Sainsbury’s –Asda merger create a new retailer fit for the 21st century customer?

“One of the biggest challenges the new business faces is understanding its new, combined customer base”

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Facial scrubs get cleaned up

At the beginning of 2018, the UK Government began legislation banning the use of tiny plastic pieces known as ‘microbeads’, typically found in facial scrubs, due to the pollution and damage to marine life they cause.

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3 reasons why we're living healthier in 2018

Only 3 weeks in to 2018 and I've already noticed less of a focus on the typical 'New Year, New Me'. Instead, it seems as though we have become all-round healthier individuals and here's why.

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2018 Predictions in the BWS market

We are still seeing lots of opportunities for the BWS sector to grow next year as consumers shop more frequently across different formats and trade up when shopping for booze.

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2018 Beauty Trend Predictions

The desire for beautifully natural and prepared skin is going nowhere. But in order to achieve this, we are seeing potential in several beauty trends that don’t all start down the skincare aisle, but all connect Health, Wellness & Beauty… Here’s 3 beauty trend predictions for ...

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The importance of getting your range analysis right

IRI’s European Shopper Insight report found that range continues to drive shoppers in to stores. In fact the majority of shoppers were said to prefer a ‘wide range of products’ over convenience, quality and store services in many cases. The only exception to this was with the ...

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Travel Size Beauty Products

Reflecting the performance of the travel size beauty products

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Summer Beauty

3 Key Beauty #TRENDS we saw this summer

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Supermarket range reviews affect new product launches

According to IRI’s latest study into the state of new product development (NPD), the number of new branded grocery items decreased by 8.4% in the last year, this reduction lead to losses of £99.6m in value sales for the retailers. The decline started in 2013, and has been f...

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Sugar Tax is coming on drink In the UK

In the 2016 UK Budget, the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) was announced, soon to be nicknamed the “sugar tax”. The levy directly targets the producers and importers of sugary soft drinks to encourage them to remove added sugar, promote diet drinks, and reduce portion sizes f...

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